Star Trails: 21 Terrestrial Views of Space by Amateur Photographers

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Timed exposures of the sky at night produce what are known as ‘star trails.’ The movement of the earth makes the exposure of the stars like that of a moving object that produces lines of light. If combined with a well composed image, the results can be quite striking. This collection of star trail photography shows some great examples of this photographic niche which we really enjoyed. Check out the tutorials at the end of the post if you want to know more about star trail photography.

=[/url] = Stars[/url] by = Stawarz[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Star Light[/url] by = Pang[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Cove at night , with a Star Trail Sky and Meteor Trail[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] =ïg[/url] by = k @ getfunky_paris[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] =[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Trail 2010-03-06[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = star stack[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = to photograph a startrail[/url] by = J.Ingles-Le Nobel[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Night Time Grandeur at Chapel Hill[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] =[/url] by = Escauriaza[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] =[/url] by = Dischner[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] =[/url] by = Escauriaza[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = this in your bathroom, please.[/url] by = Kruchok[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Way Star Trails – Lake Mary, Flagstaff, AZ[/url] by = Brumm Photography and Design[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = trails2[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Over Wicken Fen[/url] by = Stawarz[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Stars Will Fall Tonight[/url] by = Extremist[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Portrait[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = on the Henge[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = Trails[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

=[/url] = – The Dark Half[/url] by =[/url], on Flickr

Star Trail Photo Resources

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