New Milky Way Photos That Will Blow Your Mind


Some of the most awe-inspiring types of photographs that we photographers can take are Milky Way photos. And as photographers, they take some real skill and consideration.

But to get started in Milky Way photography, it also takes a bit of inspiration and that is what I think our collections here on Light Stalking really help with.

Below, we have put together a collection of what we regard as some of the best Milky Way photos that have appeared online lately by some very talented photographers.

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Use them as inspiration for your own shooting!

And if you would like the full instructions on how to shoot them yourself, then consider taking a look at our own Milky Way Magic Toolkit.

milky way above lake
Photo by Thomas Ciszewski
blue night sky
Photo by Jeremy Thomas
night sky desert
Photo by John Fowler
blue and purple night sky
Photo by Benjamin Voros
night sky above field
Photo by Jason Leung
lake starry sky
Photo by Eberhard B
starry sky over mountains
Photo by Casey Horney
milky way gray skies
Photo by Yong Chuan Tan
clear starry night
Photo by Brantley Neal
deep blue starry night
Photo by Vincent Chin
vertical yellow star cluster
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann
blue night skies over mountain top
Photo by Nathan Anderson

Do you want to learn how to capture extraordinary night shots? Make sure to check our night sky photography article or our Milky Way Magic Lightroom Toolkit.

multicolor galaxy
Photo by Shot by Cerqueira
purple galaxyt
Photo by Alexander Andrews
night sky over old cottage
Photo by Chung Yee Tsang
blue and pink sky
Photo by Michal Mancewicz
starry night over abandoned house
Photo by Alexander Andrews
nebula colorful
Photo by Felix Mittermeyer
night sky above highway
Photo by Jake Weirick
dark skies above mountains
Photo by Phuc Nguyen

Hopefully, that gets you fired up to try shooting this amazing genre of photography for yourself. When you're ready to take the next step with taking shots of the night sky, then take a look at our Milky Way Magic Lightroom Toolkit.

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