The Majestic Beauty of Whales in the Wild

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While whales are indisputably a beautiful animal, photographing them can be somewhat of a challenge. You’ll probably be shooting in the middle of the day on the water which throws up all sorts of exposure problems and trying to line them up with a good background has obvious limitations. That’s why we think this collection shows some real skill with a camera by the various photographers.

JUMP! by *christopher*, on Flickr Whalewatching 1 by Atli Harðarson, on Flickr

Untitled by Minette Layne, on Flickr

Southern Humpback Whale at Platypus Bay by Richard.Fisher, on Flickr

Untitled by Nesbitt_Photo, on Flickr

White Breach by erikogan, on Flickr

Jumping Whale by nestor galina, on Flickr

Southern Humpback Whales at Platypus Bay by Richard.Fisher, on Flickr

Moby Dick by cimere, on Flickr

orcas & humpbacks by *christopher*, on Flickr

Orca by TheGirlsNY, on Flickr

Hump Back Whale’s Tale by Hans Dekker, on Flickr

Humpback Whale by Big Blue Ocean, on Flickr

No. 1a, 1000 Places To See In The USA And Canada Before You Die, Bay of Fundy, p 976 by Bruce Tuten, on Flickr

Bar Harbor Whale Watch by Pat Hawks, on Flickr

IMG_3442 by paulcjones, on Flickr

IMG_3695 by paulcjones, on Flickr

Breaking the Stillness by ingridtaylar, on Flickr

IMG_3604 by paulcjones, on Flickr

Breach II by kevygee, on Flickr

Cape Cod by hdreisler, on Flickr

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