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Photo Of The Week – October 22, 2018

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Photo by Erik Fransman

This week Federico Alegria was up to the challenge of choosing the photo of the week. This week it is a great photo by Erik Fransman. Here's what Federico had to say:

Here Erik captured a pretty much everyday situation, but thanks to the amazing light and shadows he captured with his camera, the whole thing turns out to be just amazing.

This is a great reminder of how the most common happenings can be preserved in time in an aesthetic way thanks to the decisions made by the photographer just at the very moment of pressing down the shutter button on its camera.

The dynamic range on this photograph is amazing because even though the rider seems to be a completely black silhouette, it isn't, there are some pretty rich tones in the subject, and that makes this image truly worth of looking at in full size for a better experience.

Thanks, Erik for sharing such a high-quality image with us!

What Are Our Members Up To?

First up there were some great shots from the participants at the 404th-weekend photography challenge which was all about Complementary Colours. Here Federico has given us a selection from the challenge and his thoughts:

Photo by Tersha

The garden is a wonderful place to find color contrast! Red and Green are a great contrast combination – but when we think about it, it seems odd in a way since both colors are especially strong. Lovely contrast Tersha!

Photo by Simon Parks

Simon won photo of the week last week, and everyone loves his beach shots. This is a fantastic example of how colors can compliment each other. Every time that you are out there, try to capture not just the light, but also that magnificent way in which colors play with each other.

Photo by Click

Amazing photo and subject matter captured by Click here. This is a fantastic use of contrast, indeed, blue and yellow are one of the most classical examples of how a dark color can be excellently combined with a brighter color.

Photo by Mike57

I love Mike's interesting take on the iconic red, white and blue. Indeed, this color combination is iconic simply because it generates a wonderful contrast. A great example of three colors getting along.

Photo by Kent DuFault

A brilliant use of red – which Kent has written about before (definitely worth your while). Even when the color red is just a mere accent, it is a very effective way of balancing the predominance of the blue colors and therefore ensuring balance in the image.

Photo by David Chesterfield


Here we have our very own Light Painting wizard David Chesterfield giving us a great example of how green and red are made for each other – just beautiful.

Photo by Leesa

Nature is a great teacher when it comes to color combinations, here is a great example of how purple and yellow can be a match made in heaven.

Photo by Frogdaily

A superb color contrast in Frogdaily's water drop photography. Another great example of purple getting along with another color, this time green.

What You Missed in the Light Stalking Community

Photo by Kent DuFault – Mobile Monday Challenge 15 October 2018

Mobile photography is always interesting to watch when it is done with meaning and purpose. It allows people to get extremely close without rising much suspicion due to its inconspicuous nature.  Here is the mobile Monday challenge from last week, where you can find a lot of great images taken on mobile by our members.

Photo by Robert Apple

Robert Apple shared with us a pretty peculiar image of a tree within a tree (tree-ception) Or maybe he captured a gnome… It is really interesting indeed. There are so many curious photographs our members share with us weekly, but this one really got our attention right from the very first moment.

Chris Pook shared on Wednesday some really interesting information about Giles Duley, a British portrait and documentary photographer best known for his work documenting the long-term impact of war. This is a solid proof of how powerful photography can be in our lives.

This question on DNG vs RAW hasn't got much attention yet, but I'm pretty sure it will get filled with some valuable information as soon as our wiser members share their knowledge with us.

Kent shared with us something that has little to do with photography, but it is a huge advice, that at least I will practice every time from here on.

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David Chesterfield moderates our Mobile Monday challenges and regularly kicks off these challenges with a photo of the beautiful Hugo…today we will leave you with the latest

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Photo by David Chesterfield

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