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Hi there folks, this was quite an odd week due to some migrations, but we are now back on track and things should go back to normal in the upcoming days.

We want to give a warm welcome to all the new members that skipped introducing themselves, feel free to roam as you please, I'm sure you'll find a vast amount of information that will make you grow as photographers.

Today we are bringing you everything that you need to know from Lightstalking's past week! Here you'll find discussions, some wonderful shots from Tersha's latest challenge on Spirals, and some amazing photographs from the Shark Tank!

Let's get into it

Photo Of The Week – July 08, 2019

The Fern – Photo by Andre P

This week's Photo Of The Week comes via our Weekend Photography Challenge #441 Spirals. Here's what Kent DuFault had to say about the lovely image from Andre:

When I saw this weekends photography challenge announced- I got a wee bit excited, as I just knew that we were going to see some fantastic photos, and I could not wait to see each photographers take on the subject.

This feeling proved right!

Each day, I make a visit to the forum, and I spent time looking at each of the photos entered.

I knew the choice would not be easy. One photo that persistently caught my eye was “The Fern” by Andre P.

The overall colors work really well, and it displays lovely delicate detail that is captured in the plant- extending from the lower part of the frame all the way to the top third. This makes for a very pleasing image on the eye.

The tip of the fern is tucked neatly into a gorgeous spiral, and it is just waiting for the right moment to unfurl in search of the light.

This is Mother nature at its best!

Fantastic work Andre P! Thank you for submitting this gorgeous Photo and you are the POTW winner.

As usually happens with such amazing work being shared on the site, Kent needed to give a special mention – this capture is also from the challenge Spirals

Bird On The Feeder – Photo by Bucweeet

I would also like to give a special mention to bucweeet for his image titled, “Bird On The Feeder”.

This was another Photograph that caught my eye. The composition works a treat, and it creates a very well balanced shot that displays nice skills.

Thank you bucweeet for taking part and sharing such a lovely piece work.

Thanks to everyone – the quality of photographs submitted to the forums is always of such a high standard. A big congratulations to Andre and, as always, a very big thank you to Kent for continuing to make the tough decisions!!

Photography Challenge!!

This week's challenge once again hit the mark. Here are just some of the amazing photographs submitted to the rather thought provoking Weekend Photography Challenge #441 – Spirals

Photo by Seth L

I'm really not sure where this ladder is going but I like how it looks! What a simply stunning spiral

Photo by Click

I can only the think of all the patience and care that's needed to properly handle this beautiful skeleton. Oh, and quite an intriguing spiral too!

Photo by Bobbie

Despite the technical issues Bobbie had while taking this photograph, she still managed to capture this snail in a splendid way.

I know this is some part of a sculpture, but I'm not sure what it really is – and that is intriguing. I really like how the shapes play and create this beautiful spiral in silhouette.[/caption]

Photo by Tersha

I really like this as a high-key piece and how there are more than one spiral if you pay close attention to the shadows and the second portion of the spring.

Photo by Leesa

This is quite an interesting find, according to Leesa, this is a piece of wisteria vine that grew perfectly into a spiral. Beautiful capture

Discussions On The Forum

Let's start with a shiny, shimmery and sassy flower shared by Dave. The colors in this are really vibrant, but the sharp focus is what really makes this photo stand out. 

Photo by Dave Watkins

Erik shared with us a very intriguing (and at some point disturbing) piece of machinery he found in the Austrian border with Germany.

4th of July recently passed by, and Tom shared with us some really colorful looking fireworks. We wish we could have more photos but they are still nice to see. 

Photo by Tom M

Wow, Beth shared with us a vintage barber's chair that really has some character. She decided to go straight to a black and white conversion, and the lighting makes this capture quite a delight to behold.

John Thompson got away a bit from his Nikon gear and tried out shooting with his iPhone. The perspective is a little bit funny but Erik fixed it, and the shot is beautiful.

Preston shared with us his beautiful red tractor. And speaking of Tractors, take a look at this nice light painting made by, well, you know by who. Oh, and Erik shared with us the 2019 Urban Photography Awards, enjoy!

Also Graham shared with us a beautiful shot of a happy doggo having the time of its life at the beach. And Bucweet shared some cute ducklings too!

Photo by Bucweeet

Oh, and Rob killed Lenny

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

If you haven't already, take a stroll through the Shark Tank. Here many of our members have nurtured their own photographic knowledge by giving and receiving helpful, informative, and honest critique. Here are some of the photographs shared during last week on the Tank:

Thanks again for reading and we hope you've enjoyed this weekly wrap. Don't skip participating in the newest challenge published by Tersha on F for Fun! Dont' forget to join our friendly photography community if you haven't done already! Take a spin at our Members Picks from this Last Week a well, here you'll find the best of the best from Light Stalking, curated by our very own members.

Today We Leave You With…Another Sunset

Ok, so we featured Graham's beautiful shot of Sand and Salty Air at the end of our last weekly wrap-up…and this week, another one from Graham Hart (just like this sunset…he is on fire!)

Sunsets can become a cliche in photography, just like umbrellas and silhouettes, but I really find this sunset charming.

Another Sunset – Photo by Graham Hart

Photo by Graham Hart

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Many many thanks Federico ,
Great read and catch up , stunning photos by all this week once again
😉 Have a fab weekend folks .

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