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Hi there fellow Light Stalkers, here's another weekly wrap-up, filled with beautiful photographs from our talented community. Tersha's latest challenge Get Closer/Fill the Frame gave us some beautiful images that are worth your while, don't forget to check out our member's picks (or pics should I say) and of course, offer up your critiques over in the Shark Tank 

Let's get started…

Photo Of The Week – October 21st, 2019

Black Diamond Beach – Photo by Beth

This week Dahlia was the guest judge for Photo of the Week – here is what she had to say about Beth's beautiful photograph:

“POTW for last week goes to Beth @loki for her image titled “Black Diamond Beach.”

I like the minimal frame here that starts with the black sand in the foreground, a tiny bit of ice crystal in there and then the waves drawing a barrier between the land and the ocean. I like how Beth has framed a part of the beach and focussed on bringing attention to just one area of the huge beach leaving the viewers wondering how the whole beach would look like with many other chunks of ice that were washed ashore.

The colours in the image are subtle with enough contrast to keep the viewer’s attention. I also like how the layers are repetitive from foreground to background and get lighter in shade with each step.

Although it depicts a cold scene, the colours and frame bring a feeling of serenity and I can see this looking beautiful when framed and hung on a wall.

Congratulations Beth on POTW :)”

Weekend Photography Challenge #456 – Get Closer

These are just some of the amazing photographs from our 456th Challenge on getting closer and filling the frame. And also an upfront enormous thank you to Tersha for always coming up with brilliant challenge themes to keep us all enthralled  

Photo by Charmaine Joubert

Not only is this portrait absolutely compelling, but it has perfect lighting, making it unique in its class. Charmaine has done it again – we encourage you to take a look at the amazing photographs she has posted to Light Stalking – breathtaking 

Photo by P71

As Graham said, this sort of shot can be extremely tricky to capture, and we think that Patrick did a stupendous job here.

Photo by Desi

The thing I like the most about this photograph is the subtle lines that cross frame, making it really easy to navigate. The textures are also very engaging in this photograph too.

Photo by Brian M

Some moody bluegrass can really be felt on this action shot! Lovely photograph from Brian and I like the choice of black and white.

Photo by Bill Gordon

Whenever you are composing your photographs, never forget about the subject's direction. Even with such a close up, we can really feel a sense of movement thanks to it!

Photo by Dave Watkins

That bee was surely feasting! I really like how the repetition on the flowers “pollen-sticks” (dunno what they are called) work as a leading organic line that drives my eyes all the way through the frame. Incredible detail from Dave here – great capture.

Photo by Tersha

Beautiful colors and fantastic textures in this still-life. It really tells a story of Autumn

Photo by Rob Wood

What a soothing abstraction this is, I really like it! Close-up can really give us interesting composition options. Here the ombre is stunning, which you might not see if your photograph wasn't taken this close

Photo by Elysia

It never stops to amuse me how beautiful photography and great light can make anything so interesting. 

Photo by Pat Garrett

This looks like a lost abstract painting from the Flemish era. Beautiful light, color and texture

Photo by Robert Apple

Well, this is definitely close enough for me! Brilliant detail and clarity

Discussions You May Have Missed

Beth has been keeping us posted about her latest trip to Iceland, and here is my favorite shot from her series on the garðar BA64 steel ship in the westfjords:

Do you want to try out and see if you can find the “two skulls, five eyes, hand, arm and monster head” that Robert says he saw?

Craig shared with us this subtle announcement of fall's arrival:

Lynne shared this shot she made with her new Lensbaby trio 28:

Chris' wife finally got to Iraq, here is a shot from her at Dohuk preparing Aid for refugees from Syria:

He also shared some shots from some of his friends getting married in Dohuk:

And Erik shared with us a brief (sad) story about a shot he missed.

Share Your Knowledge In The Tank

Here at Light Stalking, we truly believe in the power of criticism and feedback, and we promote it via The Tank.

Here are some of the interesting shot shared last week on the Tank – please share your thoughts to help these photographers improve and also post your photos so you can get some valuable feedback:

We and many other members will be more than pleased to help you out; after all, we all are in love with photography. How about entering the latest challenge published by Tersha on photography's classic, Textures! Remember to join our friendly photography community if you haven't done already! Don't forget our Members Picks where you'll find the best of the best from Light Stalking, curated by our very own members.

Today We Leave You With – A Beautiful Flower

Thanks to Patrick for posting this to our members picks section. This is indeed a fine specimen! And, of course, thank you so much to Frogdaily for posting such a lovely photograph

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