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Let's start out this week with a very big thank you to the community. It is a wonderful virtual meeting spot for lovers of photography. The Light Stalking community is wonderfully supportive and generous so we encourage you to join in the fun.

We love this week's Photo of the Week from Dave Watkins…it may look familiar as we highlighted it last week in our round-up! As per usual, there are some beautiful images from our fellow Light Stalkers this week. Tersha's latest Weekend Photography Challenge – Creating Moods Using Colour is a doozy! Honestly, I don't know how she keeps coming up with these amazing themes, but we definitely appreciate it!

We will also highlight discussions that you may have missed on the forum and some great posts to the Shark Tank that are looking for your expert critique!

Let's get to it…

Photo Of The Week – December 9th, 2019

Colors Of Christmas – Photo By Dave Watkins

This is such a Christmasy photo but in a non-cliched way. We are completely with Kent Dufault this week- here is what he had to say about Dave Watkin's lovely image. 

This shot by Dave Watkins is a wonderful macro photograph. It is perfectly executed. In consideration of the fact that we are at the height of the holiday season, it added even more momentum to my purposeful selection of this beautiful shot for our POTW here at the end of the year.

Congratulations to Dave Watkins @pentaxfan for winning the POTW, and also providing us with this visual treat.

A very big congratulations to Dave and thank you for sharing your vision of Christmas with us.

Weekend Photography Challenge #463

Take a look at just some of the wonderful images in the lastest Weekend Photography Challenge – #463 Create Moods Using Color

Photo by Click

Beyond the odd composition, the intensity of those cold tones on the ice makes this photo pop right away! Also, the leading lines, repetition and the odd number of elements make this image even more pleasing.

Photo by LeanneC

A very striking and colourful photograph! This isn't an angle you usually see with flowers, so it makes this sunny image even more engaging

Photo by Andre P

This is very moody, and very season-appropriate too! The beautiful cool tones really give the viewer a shiver. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful shot!

Photo by ElinL

Intense storm indeed, but I love the colours on this one very much!  I keep looking deeper and deeper into this image.

Photo by Davidc

This really feels like what we generally understand as Africa, so stunning thanks a lot mate!

Photo by P71

Night shift creates an intriguing image like an impressionist-abstract painting. The colors here help create a frenetic mood. 

Photo by John Teate

Not your regular sunset, and even though is really tiny, Venus grabs our attention right away. Oh, and that tree makes it a beautiful serene photograph!

Photo by Frank

Simply WOW!!! The veil-like straight clouds, the star trail, the lighthouse, the reflections, everything fits perfectly here! Just brilliant.

Here Are Some Conversations You May Have Missed

Paul reminded us about the power of simply flipping a photograph. Here is the original version:

And this is the flipped one. It really does change this photograph!

Patrick shared this beautiful photograph with us with the smart title of “The emperor has lost his clothes”.

Vincenzo shared this shot from the Hlauptungufoss waterfall in Iceland. Help him out and give him some feedback about it here.

Check out this post from Chris about his bike trip through UK, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey!!!

Gerry needs some advice on Astrophotography.

Oh, and there has been some recent activity on “Bird Brains III“, a post started in 2018 by Robert Apple.

Help Some Fellow Photographers 

We truly believe in the power of critique and feedback, and we promote it via The Tank. Take a look and provide your feedback or post your own photo that you would like critiqued. It is positive and powerful and will definitely help you become a better photographer

Here are some of the shots shared in the Tank:

Thanks once again to everyone for sharing their thoughts and images on the forums. Please remember to join our friendly photography community if you haven't done already!

Don't forget to take a look through the Members Picks as here you'll find the best of the best from Light Stalking, curated by our very own members. 

And as always, take a look at and feel free to participate in the latest Weekend Photography Challenge.

Today We Leave You With…Snow Much Fun

Leanne Cleaveley started a fun thread she entitled Snow Much Fun! Here is the beautiful macro of a snowflake that she posted. A lot of fun and a joy to behold.

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