10 Photography Grants and Scholarships for Amateurs and Professionals


For many of us photographers, whether hobbyists or professionals, there are times when additional resources are needed to continue or progress our work. Photography projects can be very time intensive and often require a lot of financial resources to see them to the end. I am a big believer in hard work, but without financial support our hard work can often go nowhere. One avenue of finding those financial resources is through photography grants or scholarships. I have complied a short list of ongoing photography grants and scholarships for those amateurs, students or working professionals. Again, this is a short list and there are many others out there if you search for them. Those listed below cover most all genera of photography, but most emphasis editorial, photojournalism and documentary.

FFH_Logowhite_ltblue4Focus for Humanity (FFH):
FFH offers a Fellowship of up to US$5,000 for a non full-time photographer keen to focus on photography as a career and probably within the humanitarian or cultural field, but who needs that final push or help to overcome that last barrier that is stopping them turning full-time. The fellowship is awarded by means of a competitive portfolio review and an assessment of an online application form.

391px-Getty_Images_Logo.svgGetty Images:
Getty Images offers two types of grant. The first, Grants for Editorial Photography, is available to both professionals and students. Since 2005, they have awarded five Grants for Editorial Photography annually to professional photojournalists. Each grant provides $20,000, plus editorial, logistical and promotional support. They also award four student grants of $5,000 per year to photojournalism students at accredited schools. The second, Grants for Good, consists of two grants of $15,000 annually, to cover photographer, filmmaker and agency costs as they create compelling new imagery for the nonprofit of their choice.

jg_navbar3_r1_c1John Gutman Photography Fellowship: Open only for U.S. Citizens
For over sixty years, John Gutmann made an imprint as an artist and educator on the development of photography as an art form. Through his philanthropic generosity, annual awards of up to $5,000 are made to emerging photographers showing professional accomplishment, serious artistic commitment, and need in the field of photography. Candidates for Gutmann Fellowships are nominated by an appointed jury.The annual award of $5,000 will be given to one or a number of emerging photographers, showing professional accomplishments, serious artistic commitment and need in the field of creative photography: Students are not eligible. Nominated photographer must be a U.S. citizen: The fellowship is limited to photographers, however the definition as to what constitutes photography will be at the discretion of the jurors. The award funds are to be used as the recipient(s) deem appropriate.

imagesThe Photocrati Fund:
The Photocrati Fund offers $5000 grants to emerging photographers to undertake important humanitarian and environmental photography projects. Their goal is to identify outstanding, up-and-coming photographers and give them the resources necessary to pursue projects that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world.

beaLogoBlue Earth Alliance:
Blue Earth sponsors photographic projects whose goal is to educate the public about endangered cultures, threatened environments, or current topics of social concern. They are primarily interested in work that is educational and informational in nature, and will consider proposals of any geographic scope, involving the photographic medium (they do not sponsor motion picture projects). Their standard contract sponsors the project for two years.

lucieFoundation_Logo-1Lucie Foundation:
The Lucie Foundation supports professionals and emerging talent who progress the art form of still photography through original subject matter, content, or processes. Our support of photography is broad, from photojournalism to fashion photography, digital to medium format, including every other category and subcategory. Their concern isn't with genre, but rather to support innovative work and to aid in artist visibility through exhibition of new work in a metropolitan gallery setting, as well as publication of the work in book format for increased exposure.

humble.58 AMHumble Arts Foundation:
Humble Arts Foundation established the New Photography Grant in 2007 to help support fine art photography projects in the U.S. and abroad. Given twice annually (fall and spring), the grant is a $1,000 cash award that recognizes the strongest new proposal in contemporary art photography as submitted to Humble Arts Foundation.

logoAaron Siskind Foundation:
The Aaron Siskind Foundation’s Individual Photographer’s Fellowship (IPF) grant program encourages and celebrates artistic achievement in contemporary photography by supporting the creative endeavors of artists working in still photography and photography-based media.

AlexiaLogoAlexia Foundation:
The professional Alexia Grant was not established with the single purpose of rewarding the best photographers — this is not a portfolio competition. The grant will be awarded to a photojournalist who can further cultural understanding and world peace by conceiving and writing a concise, focused, and meaningful story proposal, and who can demonstrate the ability to visually execute that story with compelling images. There is no mathematical formula for determining grantees, but the proposal and photography must both be considered of the highest quality. The Foundation also provides cash grants to enable student photographers to have the financial ability to produce a picture story that furthers the Foundation’s goals of promoting world peace and cultural understanding.

ianparry-logoIan Parry Scholarship:
The Ian Parry Scholarship is designed to award young documentary photographers with a bursary that will enable them to undertake a chosen project and raise their profile in the international photographic community. It is for photographers 24 years old or younger, and is worth £3,000.

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I'm a freelance travel, culture and documentary photographer based in the Philippines. My passion lies in creating images that communicate a strong sense of place and cultural awareness in unique, challenging situations. You can see my work at www.jacobimages.com

This is a timely post for a friend of mine in Turkey, Jacob! He could use some funding for a really great project he is working on there and hopefully one of these will pan out for him. I hadn’t seen you post on here in a while, so it’s good to see you on here again! I hope things are going great for you and your family!

Hi David…Good to hear that this will be of use for your friend. There are really a lot of opportunities for funding if you put the time in to apply. This is just hitting some of the bigger ones that I’m familiar with. Yeah, things have been a bit busy for me over the last few months, but I plan to keep posting here when time permits. All is well on the family side of things too. 🙂

Jacob, do you know of any grants for sports photographers? I want to get more into that realm, but have limited resources. Thanks for any help you can give me!

I am currently passionate about filming short films regarding sensitive subjects in youth/kids that need to be addressed from an inspirational point of view. To help encourage and teach how to handle situations or how to overcome obstacles. Is there a grant or some other source of funding that would help me raise funds for the equipment needed?

Can these grants be used for Photography Students? I’m going for my bachelor’s and would love to get as much funding as possible towards my schooling.

Im 14 years old, and I’m in 9th grade. Im taking photography next year and i love it, out side of school. My dad told me to start looking to some scholarships and I found this page. I like to take pictures of nature and animals, and looking for some scholarships still not sure on how they work but I know they go toward college which is great. If anyone knows where I can go to look at scholarships that would be great . Or any type of teen photography websites or camps.

Hai sir, im Mr. Renerio Duallo from the Philippines… 19 years old. Taking pictures is my passion, and I love it. Its one of my dream to become one the famous photographer in the philippines and in the entire country. But we have not enough money but still its not hindrance to pursue my dreams. I hope you can give me a chance to be one of your sholars. Thank you :))

Hi, my name is Rebekah Holderman from a small town in North Carolina. I’m 17 years old and am a senior in high school. Photography is truely my passion and has been for a while. I currently am running my own photography “business” if you would say, and I love it. I am busy taking photographs at weddings, family portraits, senior session, artistic nature photos, and many more. My goal after high school to attend Lees-McRae College in the mountains of Banner Elk, NC. And to persue my dream, LMC requires a lot of money per year, therefore I am diligently searching for any and every scholarship opportunities I can grab. I hope you consider my story and give me a chance! Thanks so much.

Im a 20 year old male grade 12 graduate living in a small country called swaziland in the african continent.photographing is my passion and it is in my veins,i need some assistance to be taken for some indoor lessons and the problem is in my country there is none photographing schools hence i realy need it as my carreer.i was so amazed when i had a tour to australia when i found these schools every where so pliz come and rescue me im hungry for succes

Some good sources listed here for grants. Thank you, Jacob, but I’d like to see more sources that have an interest in images shot on FILM. If there are any, please let us know.

I m a college student and I m doing mass communication .I want to be a wildlife photographer and m very passionate for animals and new places.and I love travelling not for the sake because i want to travel the world.

I am photographer and documentary film maker I am making documentary on Indian parkour groups I need funds to make film and for equipments

My name is Scott Rogers, 43 and I live in Sioux City IA. I have a Associates Degree in Computer Technology that went no where. I now drive a delivery truck for a roofing company that is killing me. I have always loved photography and I am always snapping pics and video. I want to get more involved in photography, maybe as a possible retiring career. My problem is that my wife can not work full time, so stuff got tight. Is there any grants or funding that might help me get a better camera and pay for local classes? Can u please let me know. Thank you Scott [email protected]

Dear, Scott. I am 38, and I am currently close to finishing my Associates in Photography at Western Iowa Tech, and I am determined not to wind up as a truck driver after graduation. I am looking to start a studio business here in the local area at the end of 2015, if I can gather enough funding for the proper lighting and equipment along with a low-rent live-in studio location. I would love to meet with you, sometime, and discuss the possibilities of a possible partnership.

hi there im a 16 year old photographer and would like to take my path in photography i currenty shoot school functions , sport events and swiming galas i use school photography equipment and cameras i live in south africa in durban and go to westvile boys high school currently doing grade 11 i would do anythign in the world to have an oppertunity to have my own equipment andstudy much futher and do plenty of photo shooting i have 3 year experince with cameras and would love to take it futher thanks for listening to m story .

So I am a junior in high school looking for a photography scholarship. I’d like to go to college next year for photography but I’m.not sure I can afford it on my own. I just don’t know what to do.

Hi.. Very much interested on above scholarships. I m niladri sarkar from india, i was in IT field which was so suffocate situation for me. I started taking snaps from those days . Right away i started photography as my future look ups. I cnt stay without what i see , with explanation. I am trying get some perfect match for my studies on photography. Help need. Thank u…

Hello sir.i m dixit 16 years old & i m from india.i m studying in 11th science,its about to over..but i m very much interested in wildlife photography, and natural, but i m confused which photography course or degree or scholarship should choose. What should i do to go abroad for studying in photograp. Thank u.

am in east africa a young photographer am doing projects on revealing the poverty issues, women struggles, children and cultural diverse, please if i can get any help grant or somthing to make sure am completing my projects please, am 25 yrs old

Hello i am Rebecca, i am currently enrolled in a University with a major of Ecobiology, i only an learning this because of my parents, i really am not i to it. i have been into photography since 10 and i really need this chance to live a dream….

I started doing photography in my freshman year in art . Ever since then photography has been my number one to do when I grow up !
Taking pictures of nature, animals, and people are my thing .

Hello my name is Cindy. Im 38yrs old and have done studio photography for 5yrs. I would love to start my own business for Wedding photography but unsure of any grants that I can apply for. Can you please help.

Hello, my name is Wilson Onoh, am 30 and I live in Enugu, a small town in Nigeria, I did a diploma in Fine Art and majored in graphics, photography was one of the courses I did. Along the line I developed passion for Photography. I did a project on night photography which I called “Vistas of Lights”, I also work on street photography focusing on women and children in Nigeria. So far, I used point and shoot HP Photosmart P725 camera which I could afford to capture and tell my stories. Some of works are exhibited online on free membership plate from like Fine Art America,Photocrowd Viewblog. I also exhibit in Photo Africa and Life in My City and fullbright 2016 in Benin City. I want to get more involved in photography,is there grants or funding that might help me get a better camera and accessories and possible a school that can expose me to the great world of photography. [email protected]. Thank you scott.

I am looking for grants to assist my granddaughter whom we adopted in going to photography camp to get her started on her photography courses . She is 14 yrs old and has always wanted to be a photographer , we are a family of three on one income and with summer approaching thought we could get her into a camp to get her started . She will be needing her equipment and supplies and course monies . Hoping someone can help me get this started
Thank you
Katrina campbell

I am a 34 year old in South Carolina. I’m in the sales business, but has always LOVED photography.. Over the last couple of months love purchased equipment, but still DONT have everything I need to start mybiwn business started! I’ve been fortunate to work with local photographer in their photoshoots and wedding. I’ve learn a lot just from that experience. As I single mother I want to live out my dreams and passion to be an example to my 3yr old that dreams do come true. I would really appreciate your information in some grants that will assist me! My only issue is I have great shots, but not the experience that will consider me as a Professional photographer. I love sports, family, fashion, and freelance photography. Can you provide information that will best suit my needs to get my career started? Thank You

I believe and I love my dream to come true that I can change my life and life of other people in photography once given a chance.

Photography is my all consuming hobby now I am over 55, if I came to photography say at 25 this is exactly where
I would look for help. I wish all who loves photography as much as I do, the very best of luck and I hope that your
photography will bring joy to all who view it.

hi I’m prakhar, age 20 from India. there is no photographic college which I can find here and want to become a wildlife photographer and want to see every corner of the world with photographic eyes. please show me a way to fulfill my ambition

My name is yonas I am grade 9 student . I am 17 years old. I live in Ethiopia . I am
very much interested in wildlife photography,
and natural, but i m confused which photography
course or diploma or scholarship should choose.
What should i do to go abroad for studying in
photograph. Thank you

Hello, my name is Tesfaye from Ethiopia. I really love photography, but I couldn’t afford one. Can any one help me please

I will be attending North Georgia Tech in the Fall with Major in Photography and 2nd Major in Business Mgt.
I won’t be able to work while attending school. A grant or scholarship specific for photography would be so helpful right now. I love photography. It’s what I do. My specialty right now is sports photography, exotic cars, drifting race events, portrait in natural settings, rescue animals/pets, a crazy long list. I’m working on night photography on my own. I just KNOW there are scholarships and grants out there to help me along the path.

Hello! My name is Mercy Ogbadu, am a graduate from Salem University in Nigeria…After school have been working for over two years now, Nevertheless i just cant get my mind out from “PHOTOGRAPHY”, Whenever i see works on photography i just want to do something similar!
The bottom line is i have done somethings on photography as i carry on the hustle, so i will very well appreciate getting professional on the job, “#learning photography in school is a dream come through for me” thanks!

Hello, I have a friend who is a talented artist and we are looking into expanding his business. His passion is also through photography and documentaries.

One of the projects I have been involved in is “Photo Voice”. Digital cameras provided to students to take pictures that tell a story about their community. A great way to learn about others and the impact they can make by telling their story through pictures. Kids love it. Problem..Lack of funding to purchase cameras. Any one have any ideas for this funding this type project. Thank you

I am looking to fund a photography project, to purchase low budget camera equipment for senior citizens who would like to document growing older through pictures. Can you help or direct me to someone who can. PLEASE

Hi, I am not broke, but I’m not rich either. Photography is a big deal where I live. I’ve researched so many cameras, it’s almost disorienting. I’ve come to the conclusion that a mirrorless, full frame would really work. We live in marriage central here, and wedding photography is a great gig. Is there anyway just get like an easy grant to get a camera?

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