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I'm a freelance travel, culture and documentary photographer based in the Philippines. My passion lies in creating images that communicate a strong sense of place and cultural awareness in unique, challenging situations. You can see my work at

9 Tips to Keep Your Camera Safe While Traveling

For those of us who find ourselves traveling frequently with our photography gear, we are always looking for easier and better ways to keep our expensive gadgets safe. Here are some tips and suggestions of things I frequently ask myself or do to keep my gear better protected (both from the elements and from being […]

5 Fundamental Elements of Great Photographs

There are five common elements that great images typically have; Good use of light, color, a captivating moment, correct composition for the given situation, and the photographers choice of distance to their subject. Many times good images will use one or two of these elements, but lack strength in the others. I will be the […]

Using Lightroom 4 to Recover Almost Unusable Photos

Adobe Lightroom 4 has some significant changes within its develop module that gives us photographers several new impressive tools when post-processing images. Adobe came out with a new image process version (2012) which is basically the image processing engine behind Lightroom and Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw plug-in. This new process version provides many significant updates, […]

The Crucial Skill in How to Select your Best Images

When most of us hear the phrase “photo editing” we generally think of editing a photo to enhance it in some way using computer software. Although that is usually a big component of post-production, the “photo editing” process should always start with photo selection. When photo editors edit photos, what they are usually doing is […]