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One of the wonderful things about the photography world are how many people put in countless talent online to serve the industry. This ranges from an amazing array of free blogs and tutorial sites through to really useful photography tools and portfolio sites for you to display your creativity as well as photography books and magazines. This is a selection of our favourites at the moment. We hope you find them useful.

photo by Lukas Budimaier

Photography Tutorials

Light Stalking – Yay! (Ok, we're a little bit biassed).
Shotkit – Amazing gear reviews and some tutorials as well.
DIY Photography – One of the most useful tutorial sites for photograpy with an emphasis on DYIY gear.
Expert Photography – Just like the name says!
DPS – One of the granddaddies of the photography blogging world and it has a pretty good forum too.
Scott Kelby – One of the demi-gods of the photography education space who is an incredible tutorial maker – especially in Photoshop and Lightroom.
Fro Knows Photo – a style all of his own.
ePhotoZine – A British site that has some wonderful technical information on photography and a great community.
Phoblographer – a photography blogger. Duh!
iPhone Photography School – Where you need to go if you want to learn how to take great shots with your phone.
The Photo Argus – Started around the same time as Light Stalking. A great blog.
Photography Concentrate – Incredible quality.
A Photo Editor – What the pros read.
Lightroom Killer Tips – Hard to beat a Kelby project.
Strobist – Where you should go if you want to learn how to use artificial lighting starting with the basics.
Photo Focus – Very very useful.
PhotoJojo – A lot of really fun photography projects.
Cambridge in Colour – Possibly the most useful technical information available to a photographer for free.
Wet Pixel – Underwater photography tuts and news.
Dive Photo Guide – More underwater photography fun.
Photography for Real Estate – You should be able to guess what this one is about.

Photography Magazines

Outdoor Photographer – The standard for outdoor photography magazines.
Amateur Photographer – One of the most respected magazines around.
British Journal of Photography – The king of the hill.
SilverShotz – Inspiration in monochrome.
American Photo – One of the best.

Buying Photography Gear Online

Adorama – Buy lenses and cameras…
B&H – And cameras and lenses…
Amazon – And everything else…

Free Photography Ebooks

Photzy – Started as a project by us here at Light Stalking, Photzy has taken on a life of its own. The sheer amount of free photography ebooks is unmatched anywhere on the internet.

Youtube Chanels

Thomas Heaton – We are addicted to watching this landscape photographer. Very engaging.
Peter McKinnon – Very popular guy who seems to know his stuff.
Kai Wong – The class clown with some serious photography knowledge under his belt. Very entertaining.
Jessica Kobeissi – A model photographer who puts up a lot of great stuff.
COOPH – You're definitely going to learn something on this great photography chanel.
KelbyOne – Hard to beat Scott Kelby – the undisputed king of this game.
Joshua Cripps – We only descovered Joshua recently, but his outdoor photography tips are great.

Photography Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Jack Hollingsworth – One of the best tutors in the photo world.
Scott Bourne – This guy knows his stuff.
Rick Sammon – One of the heavy hitters of the photography world.

Photography Facebook Accounts and Groups Worth Following

Photzy – It started as one of our projects, but has taken on a life of its own with great things happening on their page.
Night & Astrophotography Enthusiasts – Groups like this are very useful for asking questions in.
Landscapes / Seascapes / Cityscapes – Some amazing talent in this group.

Photography Software

The Best Photography Software Rankings – The best of the best in our industry.
Lightroom and Photoshop – The standard against which all other photography software is judged.

Photography Books Worth Owning

Susan Sontag on Photography – A collection of insightful essays by a master.
The Camera by Ansel Adams – A master's thoughts on our tools.
The Negative by Ansel Adams – Post production by a master.
The Print by Ansel Adams – Ideas on the final outcome.

Photographer Spotlights

Photo Grist – These guys unearth a lot of amazing talent.
Feature Shoot – More inspiration from new photographers.
Lens Scratch – Even more inspiration.

Photo Hosting Sites and Portfolios

500PX – Very popular among pros and amateurs alike.
SugMug – Probably the king of the hill in paid portfolio sites at the moment.
Fotomerchant – A very professional challenger for the crown
Zenfolio – Another of the great incumbents in pro portfolios.
Photo Shelter – One of the originals.
Flickr – Still going strong.

Photography Phone Apps

Instagram – We're sure you've heard of it.
Camera + – Get manual control of your iPhone while shooting.
Pro Camera – More manual control!
Lightroom Mobile – One of the best post production apps for an iPhone.

Photography News

Fstoppers – News, news and more news.
Petapixel – And even more news.
British Journal of Photography – Finger on the pulse.
Imaging Resource – Great site out of NY.
Photoxels – Worth adding to your RSS feed.
SonyAlphaRumours – As the name says.
Nikon Rumours – And for Nikon…
Canon Rumours – And Canon…
ISO 1200 – A great site for photography news.
121 Clicks – News and Inspiration.
Photography Bay – Another worth an add to the feeder.

Gear Reviews

DXO Mark – These guys set the standard in gear testing. Technical.
DPReview – The original.

Forums and Communities

Light Stalking Shark Tank – For real feedback on your photos.
Photography Talk – One of the big players.
Ugly Hedgehog – Eclectic bunch of good folk.
Reddit.com/r/photography – Useful for technical criticism and early breaking news.

Paid Photography Courses

Creative Live – Started with photography but have expanded.
Udemy – Some solid paid courses available.
Lynda – More paid courses worth checking out.
Steele Training – A few courses by a great teacher.
Photography Concentrate – These guys have some solid stuff.

WordPress Photography Theme Sites

Elegant Themes
Graph Paper Press

Photo Storage and Transfer

Crash Plan – Backs up your whole computer.
Carbonite – Another.
Google Drive – Good for small batches of photos. Not great for lots.
WeTransfer – Transfer large files.
GeTT – Share files easily.
PlusTransfer – Send big files.

Stock Sites Accepting Submissions

These sites come on and off with accepting new photographers but should be in your bookmarks if you're thinking about offering stock.

iStock Photo
Canstock Photo

Photography Competitions

Guru Shots – The great game of photography!
Viewbug – Another place to test your mettle.
Photo Competitions – A good list of many comps around the world and online.

Photo Utilities

Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer – As the links says…
Exif Data – When you want to find out.
Colour Schemes from Flickr Images
Stupeflix – Make videos from your images.
Pixsy – Find where your images are being used online.

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What a great list! For photography apps, I’d recommend the Learn Photo365 app. It’s full of great tips and awesome ideas for photography!

This is a very comprehensive list of photographer resources. Thank you for taking the time to compile it.

another good forum for those who like to learn from videos with out having to trawl the internet is snappersforum.co.uk

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