14 Creative and Inspiring Photographs That Were Taken in the Rain

Rain can be quite a downer for a lot of photographers who struggle to conceive of topics to shoot or to even get motivation to get out in the rain with their expensive camera gear. But that can be a mistake! All of the images in this collection were shot during or just after a rain storm and should serve as a bit of motivation to remind us that it's the photographer's job to imagine and know the great scenes that can be captured at any time – rain being no exception. Each one can serve as the basis of a full photo shot next time the weather turns and you're not sure what to shoot.

Swaminathan – Gerbera in Rains

Picturepest – Rain

sima dimitric – kapija

Nik Cubrilovic – Rain

Transformer18 – Raining Time


Martyn Wright – Web

Tuncay – After the rain

Kevin Dooley – Rain

jodage – rain in may

Kevin Dooley – Drench

Monica Liu – rain

Douglas R Witt – Rain Drops

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