15 Beautiful Pictures of Foxes


Appearing in the folklore of many cultures around the world, the fox is a symbol of mischief and trickery. Foxes are incredibly cute and are quite friendly and playful which may be the reason for their magical or divine associations. 

Today we want to share with you some beautiful photographs that depict foxes at their finest. Hopefully these fox pictures give you some inspiration to shoot your own.

Photo by Nikolay Tchaouchev on Unsplash
Red Fox Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash
Photo by Iqbal Muakhid on Unsplash
Red Fox Photo by Janice Gill on Unsplash
Photo by howling red on Unsplash
Red Fox Photo by howling red on Unsplash
Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
Red Fox Photo by Tavis Beck on Unsplash
Photo by koshinuke_mcfly on Pixabay
Photo by AlainAudet on Pixabay
Photo by AlainAudet on Pixabay
Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay
Photo by monicore on Pixabay
Photo by skeeze on Pixabay
Photo by Shingo_Nono on Pixabay

Also, if you love these fox pictures, Wes Anderson's stop-motion masterpiece, Fantastic Mr. Fox with George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray is a must. 

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