1910 Emil Busch Glaukar 3.1 Finds New Life on Indiegogo


Resurrecting old kit for the modern era is the hottest trend, and one we’re apt to cover. After all, who doesn’t love an admixture of history, beautiful design, and elegant craftsmanship.

Benedikt Ernst and Firat Bagdu have teamed up to resurrect a 100-year-old classic lens by Emil Busch, the Glaukar 3.1 lens, adapted for modern cameras.

The classic lens was on the bleeding-edge of optical technology for its time and is legendary in the photography community. Owning a real one is a bit cost prohibitive, to be sure, but this updated remold of the original design might be more suited to modern use (and your budget).

Image via Indiegogo.

Adapting old designs for current cameras is not without its challenges. For one thing, the imaging plane used 100 years ago was much different between now and way back when.

After modifying the original design, the updated Glaukar 3.1 by Benedikt Ernst and Firat Bagdu is a 97mm equivalent to the original 210mm 3.1 iteration. The modernized Glaukar 3.1 lens will also feature 15 handcrafted aperture blades.

The team launched their project on Indiegogo with the modest goal of raising a couple thousand dollars, a goal they have exceeded many fold. While the project passed its fundraising goal, it is still welcoming backers as of publication.

The lens is planned to retail for $USD 1999 but initial backers will receive a discount on the lens purchase and can get it for $USD 749.

Shipments should start in August 2018 – just in time for the Autumn season.

The lens casing will come in a variety of options. Customers can opt for the classic bronze look of the original Glaukar 3.1 len.

The lens body will also come in white and black variants. For modern photographers looking to sport a retro look, this lens is one of the chicest crowd fundraising projects currently on the Internet.

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