20 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography (And Tuts on How to Do It Yourself)

A lot happens in the blink of an eye — a lot of pretty amazing things. But due to the way our brain works, we don't really get to “see” these amazing phenomena. This is where photography once again swoops in to save the day. High speed photography allows us to capture the minute details of motion that typically escape the purview of human vision; methodology ranges from using a short flash exposure to a series of exposures taken in a fraction of a second. The method varies somewhat according to the subject, but the point of it all is to freeze the action of a fast moving event, allowing us to see it in remarkable fashion. Below are 20 stunning examples of high speed photography. Be inspired.

Cookie Crave by MLazarevski, on Flickr

C is for Cookie! by zeitzeph, on Flickr

Milk by Mycael, on Flickr

balloon pop by Gaz Haywood, on Flickr

Splash! by dominiqs, on Flickr

Self Portrait by gagstreet, on Flickr

Shattered glass by ||read||, on Flickr

Want to Do Your Own High Speed Photography? Get Started with These Tutorials


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