2019 the Worst Year for Camera Sales in the Past Decade Per CIPA Report


Periodically, we like to update you on the general state of the industry and, as CIPA numbers have shown, some things are not going so well and that is the general trend for some time now.

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But we didn’t expect 2019 to be the worst year ever in terms of camera sales and it puts an awful cap on a decade that saw sustained decline as well as renewed questions about what the future of consumer photography will look like another ten years from now.

Mirrorless rumors reports, in short, that Japanese companies sent out 24% fewer cameras as compared to the year prior with DSLR shipments falling by nearly 34%, mirrorless by 10%, and fixed-lens by 23%. The one bright spot in the industry is the in the middle to high range mirrorless camera market which experienced a “5% growth in revenue” as compared to 2018.

Of course, a lot of people are blaming this sustained decline on the rise and continued popularity of smartphone cameras – as well as their increased capabilities.

For the average consumer, the smartphone presents a fairly compelling option for taking photos as opposed to many of the dedicated units.

Other people, meanwhile, are pointing to the somewhat slow pace of adding features or innovation that comes to cameras and think that has a lot to do with it. After all, it’s hard to convince someone to upgrade on a regular basis if the number of new features is barely worth the trip to the store.

What do you think? Can this decline be attributed purely to smartphones? Do you see cameras being largely relegated to professionals and enthusiasts or will consumer cameras be able to innovate beyond smartphones and offer compelling reasons to own one in addition to that ubiquitous gadget? Let us know what you think in the comments section below if you like.

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There are days when the frivolous me would love to upgrade and there are days when the sensible me says ‘ your aged dslr and box brownie are fine for what you need David’

Yes, camera manufacturers are suffering and I know the quality they put into design and technology of their products,which is to be commended but perhaps if they reduced prices considerably, then maybe,just maybe, things may improve for them. I hope they do.

I would love a fujifilm X100V but at £1300 can I justify it. Sadly not.

That said ,many of us including me upgrade our phones at the end of a contract with the old one becoming reduntant so maybe upgrading camera gear isnt such a bad idea after all.

Its all subjective I guess


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