22 Landscape Photographs That Use Power Lines to Great Effect

One of the big challenges of landscape photography is incorporating elements into a landscape that you perhaps might prefer were not there. One of the common visual pollutants in our world is power lines running through pristine country. We think these photographers have made a great effort of incorporating power lines or even making them a dominant part of their compositions. Share your own efforts in the comments!

Cincinnati – Mason Community "Power – Nature & Man-Made" by David Paul Ohmer, on Flickr

Power Lines by Manu_H, on Flickr

electrical storm by davedehetre, on Flickr

more power to ya by mugley, on Flickr

Untitled by rappensuncle, on Flickr

bare by jenny downing, on Flickr

fridge bridge and a dirt track by s2art, on Flickr

Power to the people by kevin dooley, on Flickr

golden shower arches by mugley, on Flickr

field lift by davedehetre, on Flickr

The Electric Highway by Rennett Stowe, on Flickr

March of the Giants by Ella's Dad, on Flickr

the wasteland by eioua, on Flickr

Two Towers by Earl-Wilkerson, on Flickr

it's got a doodle now by mugley, on Flickr

Power lines' rhapsody / 高圧線のラプソディー by isado, on Flickr

Lemonade by seanmcgrath, on Flickr

More power to you by Mary Claire, on Flickr

3 pilones by Manu_H, on Flickr

power lines in sunset. by cat's_101, on Flickr

Rainbow and power lines by ktylerconk, on Flickr

power trip by mugley, on Flickr

24 thoughts on “22 Landscape Photographs That Use Power Lines to Great Effect

  1. Janet

    Who would have thought that something so ugly could be made to look beautiful. I’ll look at these things in a different light now. Some beautiful symmetry in wonderful pictures. Congrats.

  2. meskill

    some very nice shots, i love the b&w’s like grain shots like “fridge bridge and a dirt track” [img]http://www.flickr.com/photos/80176888@N08/7357264752/in/photostream[/img]

  3. Dave March

    All wonderfully done captures. I want to share a photo I was able to capture as a storm was moving in. The marvelous light highlighted the lines and poles against the the dark sky[img]http://cdn.lightstalking.com/wp-content/uploads/album/10830/2883-500×333-150×150.jpg[/img]

  4. Illusion


    It`s fantastic… just people and nature… nature and people … strong effect! )))

  5. Marybeth Cohowicz DeYoung

    I have an obsession with power lines and have quite a collection of my shots!!! I would love to share them but how??

  6. Jim Rook

    The efforts by the photographers whose work you have displayed here are superb. Just think how much cleaner, natural and beautiful they would be without all the man-made clutter and distraction.

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