27 Effective Photographic Uses of Symmetry

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Mastering composition in photography can be a tricky subject. You have the various rules and guidelines handed down through the centuries on the one hand and then the post modernists who would throw them all out. Whichever side of that coin you fall on, eventually as a photographer, you will come to the realisation that some very powerful compositions can be made using symmetry. This collection of photographs that use symmetry show what can be done. Share your own in the comments!

My Most Treasured Gift by -Gep-, on Flickr

bridge pylons by wdj(0), on Flickr

SIMETRIA RADIAL (Radial Symmetry) by jonycunha, on Flickr

kubrick moment. bjarke ingels group, BIG, bighouse or 8-tallet, copenhagen 2006-2010 by seier+seier, on Flickr

rectangle by OiMax, on Flickr

The Vanishing point by Mustafa Khayat, on Flickr

PA247964 by zeze57, on Flickr

Copenhagen Metro by Stig Nygaard, on Flickr

Forky Lines 10/52 by Skley, on Flickr

Symmetry by papalars, on Flickr

Welcome to the City by paul david (busy running!), on Flickr

The Wall of Hyatt by -Marlith-, on Flickr

Reflected Steps by Danielle Scott, on Flickr

Central station by Stig Nygaard, on Flickr

Orangy flower by Thiru Murugan, on Flickr

urban geometries 3 – takeoff by Uqbar is back, on Flickr

Grunge by Travis_Simon, on Flickr

Symmetry by W Mustafeez, on Flickr

French Market Stop No.1 – Riverfront Streetcar, New Orleans, LA by Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco), on Flickr

Untitled by gagilas, on Flickr

u}+\Lambda g_{\mu
u} = \frac{8\pi G}{c^4}T_{\mu
by D.H. Parks, on Flickr

hochhausbalkone by loop_oh, on Flickr

Liège / Luik / Lüttich by Bert Kaufmann, on Flickr

Life by OiMax, on Flickr

Dark Coast by nosha, on Flickr

Night tracks by Neil Kremer, on Flickr

A Path, St. Mark's Coptic Cathedral in Abbassiyah, Cairo by Bakar_88, on Flickr

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