28 Amazing Silhouette Photographs To Inspire Your Creativity

Here at Light Stalking, we've been celebrating a very special milestone. Last week we had our 400th Weekend Photography Challenge. Our wonderful community came to the party, helped by Community Member Tersha choosing such a wonderfully creative topic for the challenge in Silhouettes.

There were so many wonderful photos posted to the forum, so please definitely go and have a scroll through the challenge.

Rider Oregon Coast by Mike Ince

We asked our very own Federico Alegria to pick his favorite images from the challenge for you to enjoy. As Federico says:

“Silhouette is an amazing topic for Light Stalking's 400th Challenge. Capturing a beautiful silhouette is a great photography technique to master to push your creativity and imagination. A great silhouette not only requires you to understand light, ensuring the light is completely behind your subject with zero light falling on their frontside but also, your composition needs to be engaging so you capture an interesting photograph and story. Silhouette is a diverse technique that can be used in every genre, from street photography to landscape – what a brilliant Challenge topic for our 400th edition.”

We want to give a special shout-out to all those members that made amazing contributions to this particular challenge so here are 28 brilliant and creative silhouettes from our community for you to enjoy.

Pitts S2 Special by David Baldry

Orchid Mantis by Tersha

Guns As Art by Kent DuFault

Shelter by Click

Down To A Sunless Sea by Simon Parks

In The Fog by Tom M

Fluffy by Mike Gifford

8 Hyper Kids by Laurel-Anne

Port Severn Ontario by Rob Eyers

Tahunanui Beach, Nelson, New Zealand by Ann Wheatley

Mid-Tour Training by Chris Pook

Hervey Bay Sunset by David Chesterfield

Frog by Frogdaily

“Journey to the center of the earth” by Bobbie

Cannon Beach, Oregon by LeanneC

Old vs New Kansas by James

Silhouette by Deborah

Quiver Tree by Steve Bein

Misting Tent Jazz Fest New Orleans by Coco

Punta Gorda, Florida by Pamela Winter

Silhouette by Lorella Johnson

Ice And Lava by Brian S360

Sunset Silhouette by Graham Hart

Waikiki By Jose Picazo

Resort Naivasha, Kenya by Enoma Izevbigie

Silhouette by Angel M Sesma

Saguaro National Park Arizona by Mike57

Thank you so much again to our wonderful community for these amazing and inspiring images. If there are any amazing silhouettes from our 400th Weekend Photography Challenge that you believe should be highlighted, please tell us in the comments below.


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Federico Alegria

Federico is a one of our staff writers and has 8 years of experience in making documentary photography, he is currently working in long-term photo essays and you can watch more of his work here. He is also a photography educator at a design-focused University, and is currently pursuing his PhD (and of course, his thesis is around Photography). His work has been featured in museums, newspapers and magazines. He is currently based in El Salvador.

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