3 Free Guides That Will Help You Get the Hang of Exposure in Photography


Exposure is among the first few technical concepts you must master on your way to learning photography. A proper understanding of exposure lays the foundation for achieving good photographic results consistently. If you have struggled to master exposure or haven't had the chance to learn it yet, here are three free guides from Photzy to help you get started.

(Note: Like exposure, composition is another important pillar of photography. If you would like to take your photography composition up a notch, take a look at Kent DuFault's bestselling guide on understanding composition)

A practical knowledge of metering and exposure is essential to properly photographing scenes like this one. Photo by Giuseppe Milo

1. Quick Guide to Exposure

This guide by photographer Jason D. Little will help you understand the exposure triangle- the triad of shutter speed, aperture and ISO- which are the core settings that determine the exposure when you press the shutter button to capture a photograph.

2. The Why, When and How of Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation is used to lighten or darken a photo over the camera's suggested exposure when you are photographing in one of these auto-exposure modes, namely Program, Aperture, and Shutter Priority modes. This guide by photographer Robin Nichols will show you exactly how to master this technique.

3. The Art of Metering and Exposure

In this guide, photographer Kent DuFault discusses the metering process in great detail and and explains how it works when you use a handheld light meter to meter a scene. He also talks about the different metering modes available to you on your camera and when they should be used to get the perfect exposure.

Improve Your Photography Composition

If you'd like to learn the key elements of composition and how to spot great composition in a scene, check out Photzy's bestselling guide Understanding Composition– it will help you determine the flow of a scene to compose the perfect shot and command viewer's attention by creating balance in your photographs. Click here now to check it out.

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