31 Amazing and Strong Photographs of Recent Storms

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Photographs of storms are always some of the most emotive and strong images that somebody can take as a photographer. They are basically an ideal subject. We have covered photos of storms before on Light Stalking, but the great thing is (for photographers) that there will always be more which means more great images. Here are some great ones from the last year or so that we think are worth checking out!

Ciel menaçant (une autre variante) Porz Poulhan – Finistère – Brittany – France by blue eyes photographies, on Flickr

#024 | Lightning by terrypresley, on Flickr

River Road Barn by TumblingRun, on Flickr

Cellular by Astragony, on Flickr

Shepherd by h.koppdelaney, on Flickr

Lightning hunter by Jekkone, on Flickr

storm by llyglad, on Flickr

A vihar délről jön! by mmmáté, on Flickr

Passing Storm by Randy Le'Moine Photography, on Flickr

Kavalkád by mmmáté, on Flickr

Storm by samthestockman, on Flickr

Vihar előtti… by mmmáté, on Flickr

Lightning #3 by ontourwithben, on Flickr

Tihany by mmmáté, on Flickr

Still winter… by amira_a, on Flickr

Under the Storm by Ding Yuin Shan, on Flickr

Double Rainbows at Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly by tsaiproject, on Flickr

Lightning by Tree Leaf Clover, on Flickr

seaburn by ChrisPerriman, on Flickr

The BUTTERFLY EFFECT by V_I_M_A_L, on Flickr

Tormenta en Rosario by lucaskuriger, on Flickr

New York National Guard by The National Guard, on Flickr

Never ending clouds form shapes in the sky while gently sweeping over a flat land by broo_am, on Flickr

Rays of Light by Reemul, on Flickr

Take it in… by desmorider, on Flickr

Storm King by Tim Drivas, on Flickr

Reason by Gemma Stiles, on Flickr

Thunderstorm by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography, on Flickr

Scary clouds over New York City! by Orangeadnan, on Flickr

#026 | MoreLightning by terrypresley, on Flickr

Storm Chasers by V_I_M_A_L, on Flickr

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