5 Free E-Books on Smartphone Photography


Today's smartphones are truly capable of capturing amazing photographs. While they can't arguably replace the complete functionality of a full-fledged camera, they can achieve great shots in many situations – landscapes, macros, and portraits being some of them.

If you would like to learn how to make the most out of your smartphone camera, do check out these free guides we've put together in this post. From travel and street photography to photographing landscapes using your mobile phone camera, the guides cover quite a variety of topics.

If you’ve recently purchased a DSLR camera or if you’ve had one for some time now but haven’t quite figured out how to make the best of it and create the kind of photos you wanted, take a look at the DSLR Crash Course eBook.

1. Using the iPhone for Street Photography

A mobile phone camera is great for street photography as it helps you remain discreet when photographing. Photographer Diane Wehr discusses the challenges and the advantages of using your iPhone camera for street photography in this guide, and how using a technique called ‘fishing’ can help you get better results.

2. Landscape Photography With Your Smartphone

In this guide, photographer Kent DuFault talks about how to use your smartphone camera to achieve great-looking landscape shots. The first section discusses the pros and cons of photographing with a smartphone camera, and the latter sections guide you through picture-taking and post-processing.

3. Taking Amazing Travel Pictures on Your Phone or Tablet

In this guide, photographer Gary Bembridge shares his list of 12 tips on how to capture amazing travel photographs on your phone or tablet. Composition plays a major role in determining how good a photograph is, and there are some great tips in the guide to help you nail the composition.

4. Smartphone Photography Guide

This is a general guide to smartphone photography with tons of tips spread throughout its pages. Apart from basic composition tips, there are some really specific tips on composition elements like colors, shadows and reflections to help you with ideas on what to photograph.

5. Instagram for Non-Millennials

Instagram is one of the most popular online photo sharing communities, with literally millions of photographs posted on it everyday. If you haven't figured out how best to use the platform, photographer Diane Wehr will help you with how to get more likes, comments and followers on Instagram.

Take Your DSLR Photography to the Next Level

Do you own a DSLR camera but have not been able to create the kind of photographs that will make you proud? Well, a lot of us have gone through it and wished we had something more than a camera manual to help us figure out the basics.

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