60MP Nikon Z8 in Development with Rumored 16-Bit RAW Capabilities


There’s so much new camera gear coming out in the next several months that the next big story we cover might be how all of us are going broke trying to afford it all. Such are the rigors of the hobby, eh?

Nikon Z7 from Nikon.

This is the week of gear news and we’re going to cap it off with one more piece of news from Nikon’s upcoming product pipeline and it involves none other than the company’s successor to the vaunted Z6 and Z7 models.

What we are hearing so far about the Z8 sounds good and, among other things, it is promising a nice resolution as well as the ability to process 16-bit RAW.

News about the new Z8 comes from Nikon Rumors which reports that the camera will have a “9,552 by 6,364-pixel sensor” which would put it at about 60MP and positioning it to compete directly with the recently released Sony a7R IV, FStoppers points out.

The reported 16-bit RAW compatibility has a lot of people talking mainly because it implies that the Z8 will have some pretty big files coming out of it. Thankfully, FStoppers reports that Nikon “will also be releasing a new lossy compression raw codec.”

Of course, the Z8 isn’t all that surprising given the competitive atmosphere around this market segment. With Fuji preparing its own entries and the Sony a7R IV convincing more than a few people to give that company another look, Nikon’s Z8 couldn’t come any sooner.

What do you think? Does the Nikon Z8 sound like something you’d be interested in purchasing? What do you think of all of the new gear coming out in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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