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An incredible week in the wide world of photography passes us by once again, and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching for the very best links to tutorials, collections, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This week's list contains posts and photographs from a wide range of styles and interests, sure to keep the avid photography fan busy for quite some time.  We sincerely hope you enjoy seeing these posts as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

Image by chuttersnap


Hands-on Photo Tips: Advanced Distortion Correction in Photoshop – this great video tutorial by Klaus Herrmann takes us on a detailed exploration of how to correct distortion issues resulting from compositional and lens challenges in the field.  Klaus’ video tutorials are detailed presentations accompanied by an illustrative image to see the work in progress.

Automobile Photography Tip: Get Closer – as spring and summer approach here once again, thoughts turn to photographing cars.  I’ve always found that working shows like this is a challenge due to the highly dynamic nature of a show.  Joe Farace shares some great tips and tricks to consider next time you find yourself at such a venue.


Beautiful Black and White Photography – this is a highly extensive and comprehensive set of black-and-white photographs from a wide range of photographers, both unknown and famous.  The raw drama that can be found in great black-and-white work is perfectly expressed in this series.  If you’re a fan of this style, you won’t want to miss checking this out.

Photo History 101: Rare Color Photos of Paris in the Early 1900s – Chase Jarvis posts and shares a very rare collection of early color photographs, taken in the early 1900’s in France.  This terrific post shares both some really unique images that most people won’t have a chance to see, as well as some really interesting technical background information on how these images were created and produced almost 100 years ago now.

50 Examples of Talented Photo Manipulation – the art of expression and the surreal is explored in this article that features a collection of heavily manipulated images.  Each piece is intended to deliver a message or feel through the act of discovery, some of them rather profound and poignant in nature.  Guaranteed at least to leave you pondering life and it’s deeper meaning.

City Of NewYork Like You’ve Never Seen Before – this collection showcases a series of photographs of the city of New York from the sky.  The true scale and grandeur of this incredible city is explored and shared in this collection.


Wireless Cameras Are The Future — What’s in it for You? – Ben Pitt authors an in-depth article published on Chase Jarvis’ blog that discusses the merits and drawbacks of WiFi enabled cameras.  As technology continues its relentless advance, questions like these are valuable to the end-user trying to determine which platform and features are actually useful in the field.

The Hearst Castle – the world-famous mansion, the Hearst Castle, is visited and photographed in this great post featuring the incredible rich architecture and setting that comprises the home.  The inside and outside both are included here, giving the viewer a strong sense of what this iconic facility is truly all about.

Inside the suitcases of lunatic asylum patients – this post is entirely about the process of wonder and discovery.  A collection of suitcases holding the belongings of past members of the hospital are carefully documented.  The pieces discovered reveal much about the people who called this place home as well as producing some insight into the human condition as a whole.

Can you believe what this man has done with the wood? – art takes on a million different mediums, and in this case it’s wood.  This man, a very talented woodworker, has created all sorts of items of wood, including a floating car.  Yep, you read that right…


Stretching fox – a very cute little fox looks to have just awoke, and steps out into the day and does a big stretch.  Igor Shpilenok captures a shot that shows an incredible personality in the little fox, making for a picture sure to tug on the heartstrings of everyone.

Can You Hear Me Now? – antiques are one of our prime loves to photograph, they are rich in personality and their natural wear from years of use tells a story.  Tim Stanley captures a terrific shot of a classic old Dictaphone hosted in a museum.  This shot is full of fabulous details, showcasing a piece of history long out of active use now.

chaos and order 2 – the epic power of nature and water are studied in this shot by Veselin Malinov.  This picture features a wonderful old lighthouse attempting it’s best to survive the lashing of a brutal storm, as high waves and winds pound it.

The ASU Skysong Center – a great flowing natural architectural study by Scott Wood finds us visiting this iconic location in Scottsdale, AZ.  Terrific lines from the facility merge with really fabulous colors from the artificial lighting to create a very compelling shot.

After Hours – a rickety wooden pier leads the viewer out to sea in a captivating shot that ends up bathed in gorgeous colors from the evening sky.  Carlos Resende’s shot features a great natural leading line in the pier, and terrific details in the surroundings.

Thunderstorm on Luepp Road – Mike Olbinski takes us down a dirt path as the natural leading line guides the viewer straight into an oncoming rain storm.  The epic drama of the scene is perfectly captured here by Mike, making for a scene that is amazing to view.

Rainbow Bridge – a terrific shot, with many key photographic elements to draw the viewer in.  Tiger Seo captures a picture of a bridge that has a water stream shooting into the distance.  Artificial lighting illuminates the bridge and the water stream, making for leading lines and incredible areas of interest.

Where Coyotes roam – Mike Criswell captures and shares a wonderful photograph here of a sunset.  An old, wooden fence creates a terrific natural leading line in this shot, taking the viewer through the frame to eventually find the wonderful vanishing point in the distance.

Red – beautiful red petals with drops on them are revealed in this magical image by Julia Kaufmann.  The natural wonder that creates these wonderful shapes catches and reflects the light, casting back rich, red tones to the viewer.

Icebreaker Ortelius – using an opening in an iceberg as a frame, Ron Niebrugge captures an incredibly unique piece sure to captivate all.  The natural blue hues from the rich, thick ice cast a wonderful tone across the scene, with the icebreaker in the distance forming a wonderful visual treasure to uncover.

Cockpit – a wonderful sense of high speed motion is shared in this great photograph by Coolor Foto.  Using a half second shutter speed as they travel through a tunnel, light trails produce a vivid sense of motion through vibrant colors and perception.

The Asylum 2 – Mark Blundell creates a new 360* panoramic presentation that takes us inside a wonderful old building.  The rich textures from years of natural weathering work in conjunction with the great architectural details to deliver a truly stunning piece.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward – Edith Levy creates and posts a great black-and-white shot of the Elgin / Winter Garden Theatre complex.  The hallway featured in this shot captures great textures and shares these with the viewer through subtle use of shadows and details.

Thetis Island – Keith Cuddeback shares a lovely landscape photograph from Thetis Island, located just off the coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.  Beautiful mountains, forests and the ocean converge in this place to produce magical scenes.  Keith also shares some insight into photography, with an eye towards black-and-white.

Reaching For the Heavens – a lovely HDR image that features a starry night sky with the first tendrils of color from the sunrise to bathe the scene in gorgeous colors.  Jay & Jacy Photography finds and posts a scene almost cut in half by the encroaching morning against the last vestiges of the evening that preceded it.

Old School Cars – Jimi Jones takes us back to a time when hot-rods roamed the streets as kings in this fabulous image.  A car gathering in York, PA creates the perfect setting for Jimi to capture this shot, and he then creates two versions, one in color and the other black-and-white.

The little stuff in Casco Viejo – doors and windows make for fabulous architectural studies in the field of photography, and this post by Jim Nix shares a great pair of shots.  Panama City, Panama is the setting, and it’s incredible character held within it’s architecture is the subject; a terrific post to visit in this week’s list.

We come in peace! – prepare for something, well, quite different.  Bob Lussier, well-known for his work in the historic mills of the area he calls home, finds a prop in one of the facilities and then casts his own vision into the fracas and creates a short series here sure to make you smile or make you cringe; or perhaps even both.  This artistic study in tension is as wonderful as it is disturbing.  No need for therapy here, Bob.

Saturday – a lovely Irish moon is captured and shared in this post by Magnumlady.  And, perhaps even better, we get another picture, this time of her Jack Russell Terrier Rocket-dog.  A terrific post, guaranteed to make you smile.

Dahlia, Emerging and Blooming, Minnesota – really wonderful colors and tones are found in a beautiful flower, and Mark Paulson captures a lovely shot that pulls all this out.  As the light delicately changes over the petals, unique hues are accented to draw the viewer into the frame.

Par delà les arbres, elle nous regarde … – Mathias Lucas delivers a fabulous photograph in this post by framing the moon in some tree branches.  This adds a dimension of drama and a bit of a creepy feel to a very atmospheric image.

Drayton Hall Plantation IR – details only found in great infrared photography are explored in this very unique image by Mike Criswell.  A historic plantation forms the basis for this piece, which is enhanced by the surrounding landscape that features a fabulous reflection of the home.

Georgetown Waterfront – Metro DC Photography creates a stunning panoramic of the Georgetown Waterfront, delivering an image full of rich details, pulled together with a stunning reflection of the city’s architecture back to the viewer.

Saturday – a lovely visual captured and processed from film brings the viewer a picture slightly abstract in nature.  Marks and Joey Culver’s work in the realm of film imagery reveals a side of nature full of great contrasts and details.

One more early morning scene – an incredibly dramatic sky hangs heavy over the landscape as Joseph de Lange captures a great picture to share here.  A jut of land peers out from the side of the frame, guiding the viewer into the darkness and all the wonder it holds.

“Down” Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah in HDR – Howard Jackman takes us up high for a wonderful vantage of Salt Lake City below.  These shots were taken after a snowstorm, cloaking the entire area in a veil of white powder.  Howard’s great shots here exude a feeling of cold and beauty, revealing a wondrous scene to everyone who visits.

Wadi Qurai – this great black-and-white from the studio of David A Lockwood takes us deep into nature where he finds a rocky alcove with a pool of water.  The gently rippled waters reflect the most amazing section of the scene back to the viewer, producing a highly captivating piece.

Stacked Windows – in yet another example of how rich in character history can be, Steven Perlmutter takes us inside a historic mill.  A set of old, classic wooden windows sits stacked up against the wall in the area, creating a touch of tension for the viewer.

Gentoo Penguins – a little group of penguins sits atop a crest, with the magnificent landscapes of the Antarctic behind them for a backdrop.  Ron Niebrugge terrific shot reveals a little of the secret behind this part of the world and it’s inherent beauty.

Good morning Ireland!!! – a lovely seascape image that features the craggy shores of Ireland as the sun crests over the distant horizon, bringing light to the darkness.  Beautiful colors in the sky are captured in this great piece by photobypawelp that also features the amazing features of the Irish coast.

Pink: It Was Love at First Sight – the amazing colors and inherent beauty of nature’s flowers are featured in this great post by Erin Duke.  Erin does a great job in sharing a collection of shots that feature varying types and tones of pink flowers…  lovely pieces, well worth the time to visit and see.

Log Church – a very interesting looking church constructed of logs and painted red is the prime subject of this terrific shot by Scott Prokop.  The natural setting for the facility works perfectly with the commanding architecture to create something unique.

Young Baldie – Jay Taylor finds a juvenile bald eagle sitting on a perch, surveying it’s surroundings.  Jay’s great shot features a perfect shallow depth-of-focus to isolate this fascinating bird from it’s backdrop.

Defrosting Field – a great shot posted by Steve Beal that features an iron farming implement resting in a frozen field, waiting for spring and summer to beckon it into use once more.  Steve’s terrific shot employs a very shallow depth-of-field, bringing the viewers attention straight into the machinery.

Stalking – Mark Garbowski takes and shares a great black-and-white shot of a snowy park in NYC.  A lone woman walks away in the distance, adding the perfect touch of tension and a terrific element of interest to the beautiful park landscape.

Western Lights – Anita Megyesi captures a stunning sunset with vibrant colors in the sky as the sun sets.  A great pier leads the viewer naturally through the frame, comfortably taking in the terrific tones and features showcased in the shot.

she came from the light – what a stunning creation, featuring a striking model in the center of the frame surrounded by powerful architectural features and terrific light rays surrounding her, adding a ton of drama.  david stoddart creates a truly magical piece in this image, one that captivates the viewer instantly.

The money machine: Austin – once again we find ourselves presented with an enigma wrapped in a riddle by a great post from Melinda Green Harvey.  Melinda’s shot features a brick building with several terrific elements about it, including one of the greatest reflections in the second floor window I’ve seen.  But beyond that, her insights into the photo and the subsequent comments this induces are entertaining as well.

Image by Josefin

Sweet Sunset – Barry Turner captures a most stunning sunset and presents the gorgeous landscape in a panoramic format with this shot from Bosham, England.  The wonderful way that the sky turns from a vibrant blue to a warm gold as you near the horizon is accented wonderfully by the sun and how it captures the viewers eye and helps guide it through the frame.

Satin Bull – absolutely incredible, sharp lines are accented by the composition and processing of this shot by CJ Schmit.  CJ’s shot of the fabled Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale does a terrific job of showcasing the awe-inspiring beauty that can only come from a pedigree like the one from Lamborghini.

Santa Fe Railroad Depot – trains make for terrific photography subjects, and Mark Summerfield delivers a great trio of images featuring a variety of trains that all reside in a common rail complex.  Mark’s compositions on these pieces are all spot-on, creating images that exhibit all the interest and romance that one hopes for in this genre of imagery.

Liberia Plantation – heritage architecture is the perfect subject for great HDR imagery, and Perry Bailey delivers one such picture here.  Great details and textures in the old brickwork literally come to life with this great shot, and the processing Perry has applied is very sympathetic to the overall setting.

Sleek, Sexy, Shiny Lines: Counts Car Show 2013 – car shows are great venues for photography and our friends at Dakota Visions Photography visit a great show, sharing a few shots in this post.  Cars each have their own personalities, this feature showcases a few terrific examples.

Stormy Skies – incredible drama, dynamic and fluid in nature, is captured and showcased in this terrific photograph from the studio of Scott Wood.  This shot from Chandler, AZ is very difficult to tear away from as the strength of the image through nature’s expression makes it totally compelling.

Reflection Of Marine City – a strong and captivating piece that shares a view of a city skyline at night with a fabulous mirror reflection.  RYNTEN captures and shares a dramatic piece, one that exhibits a sense of life and hope in an engaged society at night.

Manor house library – a strong statement on the lost and forgotten, this photograph features a library in a manor ravaged by the elements of time.  Books strewn on the floor leave the viewer wondering whose hands had turned the pages, and if ever they will be appreciated by another again.

All The World’s A Stage – fabulous details in the architecture and the styling inside the Winter Garden are explored in this great shot from Edith Levy.  This classic building is full of rich history and character and Edith’s photograph does a top-notch job of sharing that sense with the viewer.

Blue – Erin Duke delivers a terrific post here that features three photographs all centric to the theme “blue”.  Erin shares great variety in this set, focusing on different types of subjects yet really delivering on the theme.

Anchorage Reflections – without any doubt, reflections are one of my favorite elements in photography.  This shot by Len Saltiel features strong, modern architecture of Anchorage, Alaska, with another building reflected back in it’s mirror facade.  This is a very strong image, one that’s really a must-see in this week’s list.

The Fisherman's Son – a truly terrific shot featuring a young boy looking out over the edge of his boat into the waters beyond.  Anita Megyesi creates a very emotional piece with this composition, one that does a great job of exhibiting natural tension.

Bay Bridge Sunset over San Francisco – this beautiful photograph features a stunning sunset in the famous city of San Francisco.  Paul Reiffer nails the composition on this one, capturing a shot with the sun beaming through one of the pillars that holds the bridge in place.

Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur CA – if you love architecture and strong lines and shadows, this shot is totally for you.  The arched bridges on the coast are fairly well known worldwide, and Wayne Beauregard’s terrific shots showcase the design and inherent beauty in the flowing lines of the core architecture.  The second shot also features a great shadow, adding a great element of drama.

BMW Welt – a terrific architectural study of a modern facility for the famous car company in Germany.  Great colors in the building accent the lines and shapes of this iconic structure, which works perfectly with the natural colors from the time of day to create a complete image.

Solomon the Wise – what an incredible photograph, featuring a portrait of a mandrill, a member of the monkey family.  The expression in his face is absolutely arresting, full of emotion.  A great image from the studio of Pat Kofahl.

Loneliness – the real power and draw in this shot comes from the spellbinding shadows.  Albert Miguel captures a picture of a snowy ridge with some people walking on it.  Their long shadows fall down the hill, drawing the viewer straight to them.  The composition that Albert utilized to create this picture defines pure tension.

Image by Mahkeo

Golden Gate Bridge at Blue Hour – strong, vivid colors in the bridge and the skies around it are reflected back in the waters that surround it.  The incredible hues highlight the landscape and the truly incredible architecture of the world-famous bridge perfectly.

Nice Nice Title – this shot contains some of the most incredible colors and tones encountered this week while hunting for photography to share here.  Vassili Broutski captures a stunning landscape shot that showcases deep silhouettes of mountains in the far distance.

Cross Sky – a dramatic and thick sky paints the scene in dark tones, perfect for the subject in this post by local photographer Ehpem.  A stone cross affixed to a marker in our cemetery is the prime subject in this shot, and Ehpem pulls out all the textures and details in the stone in this great piece.

Fading Away – a terrific shot in a portrait crop of a gorgeous Australian landscape.  Simply beautiful colors in the sky work together in conjunction with great natural details and the long exposure technique used to capture this, making an absolutely mesmerizing piece sure to be enjoyed by all.  A photograph by Dylan Gehlken.

Yellow cab – this shot features a yellow cab in NYC, as shot and shared here by pixeldreamer.  The composition is almost iconic in nature, and the processing used to complete this shot creates a slightly darker piece that is absolutely harmonious with it’s setting.

Gus, the old tractor… – this terrific photograph brings an old, weathered tractor to life, almost personifying it with the composition.  The shadows behind the tractor create a touch of tension in this picture by Begoña Garcia, which finds an additional element of interest in the weathered garage for the tractor and it’s surroundings.

Eagle Owl Close Up – a very expressive Eagle Owl fills the frame in this lovely photograph by Bev.  The special personality and character of this little bird is perfectly captured and shared here in a close-up that shares a little of “who” this fellow is with the visitor.

Silver Spotted Skipper Peek-a-Boo – a terrific shot by Kerri Farley finds us observing a Silver Spotted Skipper peeking above a beautiful flower’s petal back at us.  Kerri’s wonderful composition creates a scene full of great emotion, one that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

Little Green Heron – a fascinating little heron sits on some branches strewn on the ground, almost camouflaging himself into his surroundings.  This wonderful photograph by Kat White is one of those great shots that reveals a few secrets to the viewer as you spend time working your way around the frame taking in details.

Shadowing the Elder – this is truly a wonderful, emotional piece as shot and shared here by Adam Allegro.  As Adam visits Sapa, Vietnam he comes across what he believes to be a grandfather sitting with his granddaughter, enjoying the day as it passes by.  The wonderful expressions on both their faces makes this a magical image to view, and Adam’s thoughts on the picture bring an added dimension.


10 Questions with…Jimmy McIntyre – Jim Nix interviews and shares a great article that features ten questions and answers from HDR One’s founder/editor.  This piece gives an insight into the motivations behind Jimmy’s vision.

Tree Roots as Art Installation – proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Giuseppe Licari creates an art exhibit unlike any you’ve seen before.  Roots from trees are suspended from the ceiling, creating zones of interest and really captivating shadows from the natural shapes of the roots as they interact with the lighting in the room.

Gravity Light to Help Dark Villages Around the Globe – this article may not be directly related to photography, granted, but it does discuss a fabulous new invention to bring light to places without electricity.  Conventional thinking turned on it’s head, this concept may be simple on paper, but it’s execution as discussed here is really interesting.  It could certainly be used in the field to bring artificial light to a scene…  I’m going to keep my eyes open for this in stores!

Unique Painted Caricatures by Dom Richards – I’ve always enjoyed great caricatures.  This series showcases an awesome collection of them from the studio of Dom Richards.  A terrific light-hearted way to wrap up this week’s list.

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