Have Nothing To Photograph? Abstract Photography Is Literally Everywhere…

-Have Nothing To Photograph- Abstract Photography Is Literally Everywhere-
Image by LEEROY Agency

Realism in photography is a natural thing. Digital photography allows us to capture the scene in front of us in startling realism, creating beautiful engaging images. There is a form of realism that some of us miss out on though, abstract.

An abstract photograph is one that is based in reality but by only giving the viewer a suggestion of that reality rather than the whole thing, we can create amazing, creative images using nothing but shapes, colors and texture. Shooting “abstract” photography can teach us much about the relationship of light and shade, combinations of color and how shapes interact together.

Understanding Light is one of the fundamental keys to producing stunning abstract images, this guide suitably titled “Understanding Light” will ensure you can take the skills learned from the pros and insert that into your own workflow.

Why Shoot Abstract?

First and foremost it helps out creativity. Rather than trying to creatively represent reality, we need to look closer and deeper at our subjects. It makes us slow down and rather than look for the obvious, look for details within the subject, for interesting light patterns and textures. We can take a massive subject and shoot just the tiniest details.

Abstracts challenge our creativity and the imagination of the viewers of our photos. They also make for wonderful print subjects, perhaps spurring us give our images a more physical presence.

Lets take a little individual look at the three main elements that we can use in an abstract image.

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thank very much it was very interesting.. I was really exceited to see the first photograph. I have the same and oppositions too. I dont know if LEEROY Agency and me took it from the same place. anyway it was nice to see.

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