Adorama’s New Edge Credit Card Gives Customers 5% Off or Access to Special Financing on Purchases


If there’s one weakness most photographers have, it is a love for buying new cameras and gear.

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So anything that makes that cheaper, and thus enables you to have more money to buy even more stuff, is a great deal. That’s why we thought you might be interested in this new credit card from Adorama.

Apparently it gives customers 5% off of purchases and special financing options. In terms of a store card, that’s not bad.

The special financing and 5% off cannot be used at the same time. The special financing options depend on how much you’re spending. You can finance stuff at 0% for 12 months for purchases greater than $USD 799.99. It seems to be an either/or kind of deal. Interestingly, the card has no annual fee which makes it an even better deal from some standpoints.

This isn’t the first time a camera store has launched its own unique payments scheme. As many of you will recall, B&H did something similar last year. B&H’s Payboo card worked by saving you money on the sales tax associated with a purchase.

“How it works is that you go to B&H, buy something, and then use your Payboo card which gives you an instant rebate or ‘reward’ in the exact amount of the sales tax applied by your locality so that the final sum is the price of the product sans tax,” we reported.

What do you think of Adorama’s new Edge Credit Card? Does 5% off of purchases sound like a good deal to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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