AI-Generated Nudes Sold to Unsuspecting Reddit Members


One of our favorite topics these days is artificial intelligence and, more specifically, AI-generated photography.

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Reddit app logo. Photo by Brett Jordan.

It’s come quite a long way and, in fact, some would say it is approaching the uncanny valley, where it is difficult to tell the difference between natural photography and the product of artificial intelligence.

Some members of the popular website Reddit found themselves questioning reality after it was revealed that they had purchased AI-generated nude pictures. In what can only be called a whole new twist on the “Only Fans” concept, a bunch of Internet denizens found themselves fawning over – and even purchasing pictures from – a completely artificial creation. Think of it as giving money to a chatbot with much better aesthetics.

You might recall our headlines story from yesterday, wherein the photographer that won a competition admitted, while rejecting the award, that the submission was created by artificial intelligence. Intended as a “conversation starter,” the winning entry has underscored the advances in artificial intelligence. Today’s story pretty much reinforces that concept.

As with yesterday’s headline, the creators revealed the hoax and told The Rolling Stone he made $USD 100 from the pictures. To generate the avatar, they used Stable Diffusion, PetaPixel reports. Naturally, not everyone was fooled by the images. People that work with digital media said that they could tell that the images were AI-generated but generally everyone is of the same consensus that it is scary how accurate each iteration of this technology is becoming.

There’s also the whole subgenre of Vtubers where performers use digital overlays to completely change their appearance. Basically, by combining these trends with deep fakes, we are entering a brave new world when it comes to digital content.

Any thoughts you might have on the artificial intelligence revolution are welcome in the comment section below.

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