AI-Generated Submission Wins Pink Floyd Music Video Contest


The headline says it all but it definitely doesn’t say enough.

man in green and brown camouflage jacket holding black video camera
Man in green and brown camouflage jacket holding black video camera. Photo by KAL VISUALS

A contest held by legendary rock band Pink Floyd took a sideways turn when it was announced that the winner of the contest and, ostensibly, some $10,000 as the prize, was none other than an AI-generated music video from Damián Gaume, PetaPixel reports.

As you can imagine, this has gone over about as well as can be expected with the Internet, particularly Gaume’s assertion of his artistry.

“The technique that I used for creating my animation AI…As a 3D artist myself, I tried to go a completely different way and try something new so I used Stable Diffusion installed locally, so I didn’t use it online,” Gaume explained in a tweet on the band’s official account.

Reactions on the Internet seem to be mixed between artists who can’t believe this kind of thing passes muster to Pink Floyd fans who are somewhat baffled that the band would ever endorse something generated through artificial intelligence. This is the same company that released “Another Brick in the Wall,” after all.

For our corner of the Internet, it highlights the whole problem around what exactly AI art is and how it comes to be. And what constitutes genuine effort in this area? Artistry that takes years to hone and master compared to what? Text prompts and adjustments? It’s certainly fraught with issues not least among them being the whole talent component. How can one say that an AI demonstrates talent and what does that mean? It seems like a confusing premise from the start.

Any thoughts that you might have on AI-generated art and artists are welcome in the comments.

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