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Last week's poll on your preferred post-processing software proved both very popular and a little controversial. With over 1300 votes and a heap of comments as of this morning, it appears a lot of people have an opinion on the topic.

While it was no real surprise that Adobe software dominated the top spots with LightRoom getting 30.99% of the vote and Photoshop getting 22.53%, there were still one or two surprises in the results for the other post-processing software makers.

At third place was Bibble with 19.84% of total votes, possibly due to a little “encouragement” from the folks on their forum for fans of the software to come over to Light Stalking and cast their vote. Regardless, it's a fine piece of software that is well worth a look and deserved a good showing in the poll.

Photo by Mikaela Shannon

Aperture had a decent showing, but the real figure was maybe skewed a little with the support for Bibble.

Perhaps the big surprise was the under-performance of GIMP with only 4.27% of the vote (not even enough to catch Elements at 4.34%). A disappointing result for the open-source project that often serves as a good free alternative for people who cannot afford the often expensive commercial options for processing their images.

Of course, there were a few folks worried that their software had not been included in the poll. Mentions were put in for iPhoto, CaptureOne, RawTherapee, Canon Photo Professional, Lightzone and Image Magick. Hopefully you guys aren't too angry with us!

The other big thing to come out of the poll is that many of you are using more than one piece of software with a combination of LightRoom and Photoshop being the most popular combination. It brings up an important point about many photographers' preference for using specialist software dedicated to specific tasks.

In all, it's clear that there are many great pieces of software for photographers to much pretty much any budget or taste. We love competition!

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Hi, I am looking to purchase some post processing software. Can anyone tell me the main differences between lightroom and photoshop?

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