Meta’s Instagram and Threads Add HDR Photo Support


It’s always better to be late than never show up in the first place, right?

aerial view of city buildings during night time
Aerial view of city buildings during night time. Photo by Venti Views

Well, for some of us, HDR on social media makes perfect sense but we’re just now getting it on Instagram and Meta’s new competitor with X (formerly known as Twitter), Threads, in a move that couldn’t come soon enough for some of us. After all, who wants to put a bunch of work into something that is otherwise limited and mangled by a social media platform?

Best of all, the update is automatic and compatibility is likely to improve over time, FStoppers reports. Direct capture is also a big component of this feature which was something that was previously achieved via third-party apps. Also, compatibility will be pretty universal across iOS, Android, and web platforms, the website reports.

What’s surprising about all of this is how much of an emphasis smartphone manufacturers place on technology as far as cameras are concerned, only to be limited ultimately by the very apps their users download. There’s also the recurrent yarn about smartphone cameras converging with traditional makes but things are still pretty far off from that, if it ever happens in the first place. It’s not like Nikon, Sony, and Canon are resting on their laurels as far as developing new technology and features.

And, as many people are pointing out, this addition is a boost for mobile photography as a genre. In a time when artificially-generated images threaten to displace everything, it’s good that we have yet another option when it comes to capturing reality.

Any thoughts that you might have on Instagram and Threads bringing HDR support to their platforms are welcome in the comments.

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