Another Award Winning Photographer Accused of Faking Pictures (of Assassins)


These stories are becoming more and more common it seems and that’s just sad. Nonetheless, today’s tale of fantasy and photography is that yet another “award winning” photographer has gotten caught up in a scandal of fake photographs but there’s an awesome twist to this one: The staged photographs were of assassins in Honduras


Photo by Andrew Haimerl from Pexels.

If you’re wondering why people weren’t already asking a bunch of questions about an award-winning photographer with easy access to assassins, then you’re not the only one. FStoppers reports that photographer Michele Crameri apparently set up fake photographs of real-life gang members threatening fake violence of people. Crameri was exposed by photographers Tomas Ayuso from Honduras and Italian Francesca Volpi who described the process by which Crameri commissioned gang members for staged photos of violence and crime.

One photo that allegedly showed a “sicario” assassinating a person was captured after Crameri asked one of the gang members to demonstrate how they performed the task in reality. Taking pictures of the staged assassination, Crameri posted them as if they were real with the following caption, “Col Central. Pedro, taxi driver by day, Sicario by night. The gang boss is threatening Eduardo in order to get information about his brother Carlos, a rival to Pedro who, for more than a month, has not paid the fee (extortion) for being able to do his job in the area where the two work. After being threatened, Eduardo will call Carlos.”

Another photo featuring a gunman pointing guns at a tax has also come into question.

The photos were compiled into a project called “Sicario, a job like any other” and went on to win 15 awards according to Crameri’s website.

The agency that represents Crameri stands by his work.

You can view the project by clicking here.

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