Apple Teams Up with Chase Jarvis to Teach You Photography


Apple has long held a special place in the hearts of creative people across the world and it is a community that the Cupertino, California company tends to dote on just a little bit.

In an announcement sure to give a spark of motivation to budding photographers that want to learn the craft from a master and who also happen to live near an Apple store, the company is teaming up with professional photographer Chase Jarvis to teach course attendees the basics of photography.

Image by mploscar on Pixabay

And it all begins with a free, introductory five-minute video that will outline the core concepts that the photography class will feature. Then the specifics of the class will be led by Apple Creatives well-versed in Jarvis’ methods and instructional materials.

Part of the company’s “Today at Apple” learning program, the class, titled Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot with Chase Jarvis, will feature hands-on learning and conceptual execution so students actually do what they are taught.

In an interview with Shutterbug, Jarvis said: “It’s the perfect synthesis of my life as a creator, coming together with Apple, who make the most popular camera in the world, to advocate for creativity…This is photography education and inspiration at a mainstream level.”

Though the camera Jarvis cites is an iPhone, the course will also teach students how to use more traditional cameras, or, as Jarvis tells Shutterbug, “It is about photography not about the products.”

Founder of CreativeLive, Jarvis says he thinks the in-person experience of learning photography in an Apple store could prove invaluable for a budding photographer.

The in-real-life component to photography learning is magical…We’re living in a world that is more photographic than ever before and we’re never going back.”

The concepts to be discussed in the class include creating a connection, composition, and working with light.

You can find out if there will be an available class near you by clicking here.

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