Apple iPad Pro Tackles Massive Files in Adobe Photoshop Product Demo


Word that Adobe was bringing the full-flavor version of Photoshop to the iPad line was a welcome bit of news for creatives everywhere that use Apple and Creative Suite products, but many were still skeptical that the tablet would have the chops to compete with the desktop, Creative Cloud-powered version.


Not only is the new Photoshop app up to almost any task you could throw at it, but Apple showed it editing a 3GB .PSD file like there was nothing unique about the whole setup. Part and parcel with the unveiling of the new iPad Pros was the reveal of the next-gen Apple Pencil that magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro and recharges wirelessly. There is also a next-gen Smart Keyboard Folio that provides a full-sized keyboard for the new iPad Pros. Aimed at productivity consumers, the keyboards are not only the same size as most desktop computers but also never need recharging.

Alongside the announcement of two screen sizes for their vaunted iPad Pro line, an 11” and 12.9” screen respectively, Apple also showed off edge-to-edge retina displays with the A12X bionic chip powering it all. For all of their new features, the Cupertino company still found a way to make the tablets even thinner than their predecessors. The new iPad Pro will have up to 1TB of storage and 10 hours of battery life according to PetaPixel’s report on the unveiling. The 11 inch and 12.9 inch tablets can sport hard drives of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB in a silver or gray finish.

Apple got rid of the old lightning ports on the new iPad Pro models in favor of a USB-C connector that is capable of handling large data transfer loads as well as outputting to a 5K display. Like the smaller iPhone models, the new iPad Pros come with a 12MP camera for Smart HDR photos as well as 4K video. The new models also have a True Depth camera for selfie shots.

Prices will start at $749 with the Apple Pencil registering at $129 and the Smart Keyboard Folio for $179 and $199. The new iPad Pro should be available at retail beginning November 7.

You can watch an unveiling of the new iPad Pro lineups here on YouTube.

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