Apple iPhones May Start Displaying Warning to Users If Camera Was Repaired with Unauthorized Components


The right to repair your consumer electronic equipment or even your car, among other things, is a huge issue in many countries around the world.

iPhone 11 from Apple.

After all, who wants to stay locked into some company’s garden of expensive maintenance if you can hire a third-party repair person to do it or, if you’re so inclined, even do it yourself.

The thing is, smartphones are getting really complicated, especially where the camera is concerned. So much so that repairs done by someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing could really impact the performance of the phone. Of course, that’s true with anything. You want to hire a qualified professional but, all too often, you have to be one yourself to know who’s good and who’s not.

In a maneuver that is positioned as giving more clarity to second-hand consumers about the iPhones they buy, or in a tacit warning not to engage in repairing your iPhone with a third-party supplier (depending on your take here), Apple is thinking about displaying a warning to users on their iPhones telling them that their unit was possibly repaired with unauthorized components.

If issues are detected, the phone will display the following message according to DPReview: “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple camera.”

This isn’t Apple’s only hurdle to repairing your iPhone with a third-party company, DPReview reports. Some might recall the Cupertino company’s imposition of a system setting software app that needs to be run when a new battery is installed in the handset.

What do you think of Apple’s move to warn users if their iPhone’s cameras was repaired with unauthorized components? Smart move to preserve the unit’s operational integrity or an unfriendly move against right-to-repair consumer advocates?

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