Apple Watch Series 6 Comes with Some Cool Features Photographers Might Want


The next Apple Watch could become a must-have accessory for photographers.

Photo by Watch Series 6 from Apple.

The Cupertino firm is in the middle of showing off a bunch of new products and updates and they’ve kicked it all off with their new iterations on their popular Apple Watch product. This will be followed by updates to the computer and tablet lineup and culminating with some news about the next-gen iPhones expected later this year.

That’s because, among other information, it will tell you when “Golden Hour” is happening, the weather where you are, and other information at a glance that can help you plan out a day of photography.

The watch comes with a new retina display that’s apparently 2.5 times brighter than the older model, PetaPixel reports. It also stays on all the time in an imitation of an analog watch face. Other updates include a faster and more powerful S6 SiP chip, improved battery re-charging (at a full charge in under one and half hours), and improved battery life. It will also come in a slate of new colors. Rounding out the list of features includes 5Ghz Wi-Fi support and a perpetual altimeter. Arriving September 18th, the watch will list for a retail price of $USD 399. If that’s too rich for your blood, there’s a cheaper version called the Apple Watch SE for $US 279 that can’t use infrared to monitor your blood oxygen levels like the new Series 6 but otherwise provides a nice list of features.

What do you think of the Series 6 Apple Watch? Does the “golden hour” notification feature sound like something you would like to have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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