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I see Life through my lenses and materialize it in small glimpses called photographs as though they just could tell a short story about what I am experiencing. They bring me back some emotions and encourage me to go forward and to have a much greater sensation next time! You can see more on my website and blog.

Moving From a Point-and-Shoot to a DSLR Camera: A Reality Check

point and shoot to dslr

Buying a DSLR camera is not enough to produce great images. With point-and-shoot cameras, the picture-taking process is quite straightforward but with a DSLR camera, the learning curve can be quite steep for beginners. To produce great photos, you should understand your camera inside out. This post does a reality check on transitioning from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR camera.

Case Study: An Example of One Photographer’s Workflow

If you like taking photographs like I do, either for the pleasure of it or for the living, you must have dozens and dozens of thousands of pictures sitting somewhere in your computer. From experience, I know how difficult it is to maintain a reasonably good system in place that files, retrieves and safeguards them. […]