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Chris Gin is a landscape photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. You can view more of his photos on Facebook, Flickr, or his website.

Photo Location Guide: Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in New Zealand. While that means it’s been photographed many times by everyone from tourists to professional photographers, it didn’t stop me spending a few days there on my last trip to try and get some of my own shots. Where is it? […]

How This Award Winning Coastal Photograph Was Taken

We asked New Zealand landscape photographer and Flickr superstar, Chris Gin, to tell us how he got this great photograph. Here’s what he had to say: Every now and again I get asked how I get such vibrant colours in my photos. People often assume I have really good Photoshop skills or use HDR software […]

How Using Strong ND Filters Can Create Awesome Results

This is a guest post from Chris Gin – you can see more from Chris at his Website, Flickr and Facebook. As a landscape photographer I rely heavily on filters. The ones I use most often are my graduated neutral density (GND) filters which help balance the intensity between the sky and foreground. However another […]

Landscape Photography For the Serious Amateur

This is a guest post by New Zealand landscape photographer, Chris Gin. Some of you might recognise images from Chris’ Flickr stream that we have used in our collections before. I’ve been into landscape photography for a couple of years now. It’s a fantastic hobby and hugely rewarding, but also has a bit of a […]