How to Build the Confidence to Photograph People

Portraiture, lifestyle, street, and travel photography – these are some of the genres that feature people as main subject. For some it can be enjoyable activity while, for others, it can be a disastrous nightmare. The idea of talking with someone they don’t know very well, or being confronted by strangers they’re trying to photograph can be a bit too daunting. Confidence is, therefore, necessary when photographing people.

The Photographer’s Quarter Life Crisis And How to Get Past It

There may come a time in your life as a photographer when you suddenly find your own photographs distasteful. This is a time when you feel restless, frustrated, and dissatisfied with the images you’ve recently created. If there was a photographer’s quarter-life /midlife crisis, this would probably be it. There are two ways to approach this dilemma. You can end your dream of being a world class photographer and sell your gear at a ridiculously low price or you can try to find ways to get out of this seemingly twilight zone you’ve gotten yourself into. The question though is how.

5 Photos Every Photographer Must Know How to Create

Did you know that there are five basic photographs that every photographer must learn how to create? All other camera techniques in photography are based on these five photographs and mastery of these is essential to any photographer. If you’re a novice photographer and you’re wondering what camera setting you need to prioritize (aperture, shutter speed, or ISO), then this might shed some light.