10 Killer Tips Guaranteed to Actually Kill Your Photography Blog

There are so many rules and guides all over the web on how to create a proper blog that’s it’s really easy to get confused. However, if you consider yourself as a successful photography businessman, you should pay attention to this subject. In this article I don’t want to teach you how to create a blog and repeat a lot of words said before. So, today I’d like to have some fun and share with you 10 BAD tips for beginner photography bloggers. I hope that funny format of this article will help you to better remember essential things you should pay attention to and make sure that everything is alright on your blog. Note that following these bad tips will surely lead you to messing up your blog! Don’t follow them!

7 Latest Web Design Trends for Photography Websites in 2014

In today’s world websites play bigger part than a practical communication. They are supposed to drive attention, traffic and sales, especially in photography business. Fortunately for photographers, along with the development of the web, a lot of new opportunities have come into scene. For instance, a few years ago we could not even imagine a system that will allow us to create a functional nice websites without knowing how to code, but today it’s reality. In this article I’m going to determinate the top web design trends of this year and show how they can be useful for photography websites.