Bild Expo Returns to NYC in 2025


When we first started this blog, expos were common.

high-angle view of One World Trade Center
High-angle view of One World Trade Center. Photo by Clay Banks

After the COVID-19 pandemic, that all changed – and quickly. 

Now we rarely see trade shows with many firms opting to do most of their product demonstrations and unveilings via live online media events or other corporate-sponsored fare. The days when the latest and greatest were on the showroom floor are no more but that doesn’t mean the spirit of community doesn’t still exist. 

That’s probably why B&H Photo decided to do another year of the Bild Expo, premiering in 2023 to some success amidst a shortage of tradeshows. 

What does the retailer have on tap for May 2025? 

From the website

“Building on the incredible success of Bild Expo 2023, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing community for making it a landmark event! Fueled by your enthusiasm and the vibrant energy of over 160 brands and over 70 speakers, we created unforgettable memories together. As we cherish these moments, we're thrilled to announce Bild Expo 2025, set for May 20-21, 2025 at The Javits Center, NYC. Expect an even grander celebration of creativity, innovation, and community. Stay tuned for what's ahead, and in the meantime, relive the magic of Bild 2023 right here on our website. Get ready for Bild Expo 2025 – where the future of creativity unfolds!”

Every big-name manufacturer is going to be there and it looks set to impress. With this kind of runway until the big event (May 2025 is about 14 months away after all), B&H Photo is going to pull all of the stops when it comes to providing value. So far 30 plus speakers and 130 exhibitors are expected to attend in NYC’s Javitt’s Center which makes for one of the larger conventions out there (among those still remaining). And, best of all, it gives us plenty of time to make our plans for May 2025. 

Will you attend Bild Expo in 2025? What are your thoughts on the relative decline in trade shows? Let us know in the comments.

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