22 Dazzling Bird Photos That Will Inspire You


Bird photography can be among the most rewarding and stunning photography that many of us will ever try. While it requires the patience of a saint, the resulting shots, in the right conditions will often make all of the effort worthwhile.

While a lot of bird photography is done with specialist equipment such as telephoto lenses, it is also possible to take some reasonable shots without any special gear. Don't forget to look at our collection of bird photography tutorials at the end for a few more tips on bird photography.

orange parrot
Photo by Kevin Mueller
selective focus photography of blue kingfisher
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge
low-angle photography of brown bird
Photo by Jacques LE HENAFF

yellow bird on Sakura tree
Photo by Boris Smokrovic
close up of a yellow and blue macaw
Photo by Andrew Pons
yellow and green bird
gray-and-black mallard ducks flying during day time
Photo by Gary Bendig
flying blue and green hummingbird
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček

Don't forget to check out our further reading on bird photography at the end of this collection!

selective focus photography of red cardinal on tree
Photo by Timothy Dykes
green and black humming bird
Photo by AARN GIRI
blue and brown bird on gray tree branch
Photo by Bob Brewer
selective focus photo of brown bird
Photo by Georgina Steytler
blue and yellow bird on brown and green stem
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček

photo of flying puffin bird catching fish
Photo by Sharon Watters
brown humming bird flying in mid air
Photo by Mark Olsen
time lapse photography of owl flying
Photo by Kevin Mueller


Cristofer Maximillian
Photo by Cristofer Maximillian
Photo by Kevin Mueller

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As an aspiring Bird photographer it's great to see inspiring works such as these. It's certainly not as easy as these guys make it look!


@Plong – awesome shots! 🙂 Remember, you can embed them in our comments if you like (see the link under the comment box). 😉

really well captured images. I can only imagine the amount of patience and perseverance that must have been put in to click every image that has been displayed here. Thanks for sharing.

Manish 🙂

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