22 Dazzling Bird Photos


Bird photography can be among the most rewarding and stunning photography that many of us will ever try. While it requires the patience of a saint, the resulting shots, in the right conditions will often make all of the pain worthwhile. While a lot of bird photography is done with specialist equipment such as telephoto lenses, it is also possible to take some reasonable shots without any special gear. These bird photos are collected from the good creative commons folks at Flickr. To ind out more about a specific shot, click through on the image and also don't forget to look at our collection of bird photography tutorials at the end.

~ Bait the Birdie ~

Photo by Viamoi

Hummingbird Portrait 10

Photo by Danny Perez Photography

urban raptor

Photo by Mugley

Eyes Of A Night Owl

Photo by Left hand

Moineau domestique / House Sparrow

Photo by Eric Bégin


Photo by Hamed Saber

Hummingbird Portrait 3

Photo by Danny Perez Photography

Peacock Plumes

Photo by Erik K Veland

Photo by Rick Leche/a>
Abelharuco - Bee-eater - Merops apiaster

Photo by JCoelho

An Eye

Photo by Etrusia_UK


Photo by Doug88888

#445 小翠注揚

Photo by John & Fish

Landing mirror

Photo by Wolfpix

Considering Flight

Photo by Left hand

#487 黃腹桐櫐

Photo by John & Fish

#451 黃腹炎艷

Photo by John & Fish


Photo by Gvdep63

Major Mitchell Cockatoo 4

Photo by Aaardvark

#510 藍鴝小蹲

Photo by John & Fish

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As an aspiring Bird photographer it's great to see inspiring works such as these. It's certainly not as easy as these guys make it look!


@Plong – awesome shots! 🙂 Remember, you can embed them in our comments if you like (see the link under the comment box). 😉

really well captured images. I can only imagine the amount of patience and perseverance that must have been put in to click every image that has been displayed here. Thanks for sharing.

Manish 🙂

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