Birda App Turns Your Smartphone Into an Ornithologist


Do you enjoy bird watching?

european robin perched on tree branch
European robin perched on tree branch. Photo by Chris Smith

Millions of people worldwide do and for most people, it can be quite difficult to distinguish one bird from another.

It can even be difficult for the experts themselves. For both groups of people, the new Birda app hopes to take some of the mystery out of identifying birds while robbing neither of the joy of discovery.

Using technology we’ve discussed on this blog in multiple posts, Birda uses your smartphone’s camera to identify birds through the viewing lens using a range of criteria to make sure it is a positive match.

In addition to the identification features, Birda will keep track of birds you have spotted, as well as where. It’s a pretty cool app all around that seeks to please both the birding community as well as newcomers and we’re all here for it.

Best of all is that it is an app available for both iOS and Android devices. Looking down the road, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of thing incorporated into consumer cameras.

And for those birds that Birda can’t identify there’s the app community just for that. Upload a photo and let the experts help you figure out what you spotted. In a nod towards gamification, you can unlock achievements with your birding progress, among other neat little features in the app. For those more conservation-minded, your Birda activity can even help scientists and preservationists with research.

From the website:

“With Birda, anyone can get outside, record their birding experiences, share them with conservation researchers and with a fun and inclusive community that can guide your birding journey.”

You can check it out here.

If you’re a bird watcher, we’d love your thoughts on the Birda app in the comments.

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