Want to Get Better at Photography Quickly? Take Advantage of These Black Friday Photography Course Deals


If you're looking to up skill your photography quickly and cheaply, then Black Friday is a great day to take advantage of. The deals from photography educators are running fast and thick and the savings are huge. This weekend (Friday and Cyber Monday) are pretty much the biggest chance of the year for these deals so grab them while they're up. Here are the products with discounts we have been able to find so far!

1. The Complete Landscape Photography Guide for 22% Off

Get your landscapes to pop with this professional guide from Kent Dufault. The guide includes sections on:

  • How to shoot and post-process your images for art gallery quality.
  • Specialized gear that can make your landscape photography easier- and the results more effective. Equipment considerations specific to landscape photography.
  • How to properly use that equipment. (There is a right way and a wrong way.)
  • Composition tips, specific to landscape work.

2. Super Photo Editing Skills for 40% Off

If you're looking to get your post-production style up to speed, then this pack by Photography Concentrate is great value. Check out the before and after samples to see what we mean. Some of the things covered include:

  • How to get the perfect exposure using the 6 essential adjustments
  • The secrets to creating stunning black and whites
  • How to sharpen photos and make them pop!
  • Creating your own presets

3. Dan Bailey Bundle for 40% Off

Learn off-camera flash methods and equipment that work, proven compositional techniques and approaches that will give you more powerful imagery, great tips on how to start making money with your camera and rock solid ideas on how to keep the passion and focus alive whether you’re an aspiring pro or a life long enthusiast. The 4-eBook bundle includes the following titles:

Buy the bundle and get all four books for 40% off. Only $29.95 right now.

  • Zen Photographer
  • Going Fast With Light
  • Making The Image
  • How to Become a Pro Photographer

4. Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe by Mitchell Kanashkevich for 50% Off

Use the coupon code “bf2014” to get a massive discount. This guide will explain several of the problems that we all have when trying to get shots to reach that next level in our photography:

  • exactly what equipment was used
  • exact camera settings
  • detailed explanatory lighting maps
  • how the light was used and manipulated
  • what exactly was done in post processing (and how to get the effect in your own photographs)

5. Understanding Post Processing by Mitchell Kanashkevich for 35% Off

No matter how strong the composition, how dramatic the moment or how interesting the subject in the viewfinder, a potentially great photo never shines until it is post-processed with knowledge. Use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY2014” to get an amazing discount on Kanashkevich's great course. You will get:

  • 10 RAW images to get you practicing right away.
  • 10 in-depth video tutorials on how to post-process every RAW image.
  • 52 more photo examples (inside the videos).
  • Nearly 3 total hours of original, jargon-free educational video material.
  • A special focus on learning not only the How? but the Why?

6. Simplified System for Perfect Photography by Expert Photography for 72% Off

Researchers say it takes ten times longer to learn on your own than it does when someone shows you how to do something. And that’s the key… being shown. This course actually shows you what they do to get great photographs.

  • Each video is less than twelve minutes long. You’ll quickly discover how to get the most from your camera.
  • You just watch, and then you do.
  • Unlike other complicated courses that go on for hours and hours – you simply watch a short video then go out and take better photos.
  • You come back, watch another video and then when you’re ready, you go out and take more good pictures.
  • That way it’s fun to learn because you see your skills growing quickly.

Grab the Simplified System for Perfect Photography Here

7. Photography Unlocked by Expert Photography for 94% Off

This is actually a pretty amazing deal. It's a basic introduction to good photography and covers off a lot of the main things you need to know. At this price, you should check it out for sure. In it you find out:

  • How to set up your camera for perfect photos every single time (without buying any additional gear)
  • The #1 mistake that’s making your images looks amateur (Hint- it’s one simple setting on your camera)
  • How to add dramatic tension to your photos that engages every single viewer (with just a few powerful composition rules)
  • How to take well exposed and sharp photos, even in bright sunlight, with one simple tool
  • When to ignore your camera’s (pretty poor) LCD screen, and what to use instead
  • How you can take beautifully soft, or tack sharp photos, and everything in-between

Grab Photography Unlocked Here

8. Lightroom Made Easy by Phil Steele for 30% Off

One of the most popular Lightroom courses online right now by a master of the craft. This one is always popular and comes with a nice, big, fat 30% Black Friday discount. Phil covers:

  • How to create stunning black-and-white conversions from your color photos.
  • My own professional photo rating system, designed to speed you through big photo sets.
  • The secret for creating dramatic skies in your landscape shots—with one foolproof, two-second adjustment.
  • Professional techniques for portrait retouching, including how to: remove blemishes, whiten eyes and teeth, fix flash “hot spots,” and apply glamour-magazine-quality skin softening.

9. Digital Darkroom Mastery by Ian Plant for 20% Off

This money-saving bundle contains everything that you need to learn how to use today's most popular digital darkroom tools -Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop – to their fullest, so that your images reflect your personal vision:

  • More than three hours of video teaching photo-processing skills in Adobe Photoshop (Creative
  • Digital Processing Photoshop Video Tutorials) from nature photographer Ian Plant.
  • Eighteen different video tutorials on Adobe Lightroom 5 (The Complete Lightroom Workflow) by landscape photographer Kurt Budliger.
  • Landscapes in Lightroom 5 – The Essential Step-by-Step Guide ebook by Michael Frye, which includes sample image files and access to video tutorials so you can practice what the ebook teaches.

Post Processing: A Guide for Nature Photographers ebook by Glenn Bartley, which includes Photoshop actions, sample images, and access to video tutorials so you can learn even more.

Grab Digital Darkroom Mastery Here

10. Behind the Action by Dan Bailey for 50% Off

Look over the shoulder of a professional adventure photographer as he shows you exactly how each amazing shot was captured. Just use coupon code “bf2014” for a 50% discount.

  • full camera settings
  • full gear list used in each shot
  • detailed descriptions of shooting setup
  • examples of rejected shots (this is very revealing)
  • how post processing was done on each shot

11. The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course by Jay and Varina Patel

This course will teach you everything you need to know, to capture amazing landscape photographs. Here are some of the things covered in this course. Use the coupon code “ulpc-ls33” to get a 33% discount.

  • Get Instant Access to the downloadable video files.
  • 36 teaching videos for photographers who want to make beautiful photos.
  • More than 4 hours of video content – most of it shot right there in the field as we were working.
  • 9 Case Studies: Macro, Seascape, Dunes, Forest, Sunrise, Sunset, Night, Waves, and Panorama.
  • Post Processing Workflow for four of our case studies including…
  • Original RAW and layered files for practice.
  • Workshop-style lessons taught right in the field.

12. Fine Art Grunge By Sebastian Michaels for 50% Off

The ultimate course in getting the grunge effect in Photoshop that is so popular and produces incredible images like the one below.

  • Huge Library of Textures, Overlays, and Backgrounds (including exclusive content from professional designers including Distressed Textures, Kim Klassen, Parée Erica, and Keriyoo).
  • Awesome Grunge Custom Brush Library and Layered PSD Edge Effect Arsenal (providing you with literally hundreds upon hundreds of variations).
  • Mammoth Library of Exquisite High-Res Vector Graphics (which were commissioned from professional designers around the world for thousands of dollars, but you will be able to enjoy for free).

Grab Fine Art Grunge for 50% Off Here

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Thanks for pulling this list together. I was looking for a new direction and just now signed up for the Fine Art Grunge course. It looks exciting.

Thanks again for all the information.
Bill from Calgary Canada

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