19 Blue Hour Photographs for Inspiration


We are getting pretty excited about our upcoming blue hour photography video series and course so we have decided to keep running with the blue hour theme on the blog. Today we have another collection for inspiration and hopefully to get you as excited as we area.

The blue hour is that beautiful period of time that isn't quite day time and isn't quite night time and comes adjacent to the golden hour. The quality of light thrown off is an absolute gift for photographers who can really use that quality of light to produce special colors in photography. It's had enough of an impact on the general public for at least one restaurant in every city to be called L'Heure Bleue too. This collection should show you why it's such an inspiration to people.

blue hour
Photo by Sento
blue hour @ labrador park
Photo by William Cho
Photo by Francesco Pappalardo
Photo by Francesco Pappalardo
blue hour sunset bokeh
Photo by Alpha
blue hour
Photo by Nerdwithoutglasses
bedok reservoir singapore
Photo by William Cho

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blue moon
Photo by Dennis Stauffer
i live to let you shine.
Photo by Red.dahlia
tanjong rhu suspension bridge
Photo by William Cho
lower pierce reservoir singapore
Photo by William Cho
palette in the sky
Photo by Paul David
trees in winter
Photo by d5e
Photo by Felix
fernies fury explored
Photo by lamaK
tower bridge blues
Photo by Lars Plougmann
blue morning
Photo by GenoDM
person standing on rock formation under blue sky during daytime
Photo by Markus Voetter

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Beautiful images, but some of them are not really blue hour for me, but rather sunset.
I love shooting during the blue hour, especially in Paris, but it does not last for very long…

Great Images here folks, however there seems to be some difference between Blue Hour and the golden hour? Is there?
In your humble opinion(s) what is the difference.
Best regards,

For me the golden hour is 1 hr after dawn – and possibly 1hr before sunset depending on the weather. The blue hour is later – we call it twilight in the UK. Sometimes its very blue ! ……

Very interesting shots – golden hour is familiar to me but blue hour is new. I was out photographing by the full moon this morning but I think it wasn’t even blue hour at that time![IMG]https://i592.photobucket.com/albums/tt4/andycraigphotography/Northumberland360/2011/Jan11/200111_02.jpg[/IMG]

I am a big fan of early morning shooting. Here are two shots I’ve taken in the early early morning hours (and it’s COLD in Chicago in the morning this time of year)

Great shots. At first I was confused by ‘blue hour’, as I’m such a fan of the magic hour for shooting. [aka: golden hour] But YES I am now more knowledgeable about what to call my second favorite time of the day. Nerdy note: it seems that blue hour shots must have water?

I’ve just finished a fantastic ebook called Below The Horizon that teaches twilight photography. It’s well worth the $5 from Craft & Vision.

Here’s my first attempt, 1 hour after sunset:

Enjoy 🙂

Amazing collection. I just wish the photographers would specify the gear they used (camera, lenses), ISO, shutter speed etc. for each picture…

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