Bob Dylan Calls Out Fans for Breaking His “No Photo” Rule


More and more musicians are adding “no photography” rules to their concerts.

But a lot of fans simply ignore that request – for a variety of reasons.

Image by Luis Quintero

Some people think they should be allowed to take pictures of the concert since they purchased a ticket while others aren’t even aware of the “no photography” rule.

There are, of course, a few photographers that might try to make money off of the images but those are few in number.

Nonetheless, famous musician Bob Dylan didn’t hesitate to call out his fans during a live concert because they were taking pictures of him.

After he reminded the audience to put their cameras away he nearly tripped and fell over a wire behind him.

He then said, “Take pictures or don’t take pictures. We can either play or we can pose. Okay?”

The band then paused and “posed” for pictures according to PetaPixel.

Apparently Bob Dylan doesn’t speak much during his shows which is what makes the comments so unique.

Rolling Stone wrote of the incident, “The incident marked the first time that Dylan had spoken to the crowd in some time…Audiences used to only hear his speaking voice when he introduced the band, but he stopped doing even that about two years ago. Before most shows, audiences are informed that photographs are not allowed. At New York’s Beacon Theater last year, ushers roamed the aisles with flashlights and shined them directly at anyone using a phone. Repeat offenders were threatened with ejection.”

Composer Hermann Rechberger who took the video of Bob Dylan nearly falling backward said, “I have never seen him so angry.”

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I agree with his reaction. It’s not decent. The artist work hard, gives energy, and instead of listening, people take pictures and shoot it and share on the internet. It’s superficial and rude. He could use playback or a straight video. Some people will not agree with me because technology has become a part of our lives and we no longer perceive it. I see it in the school with the students and with my son. He can do several things at once, in that case but he does nothing really. As a teacher, I don’t want students to shoot me. They select a part and place it on the Internet. The connections are lost. People can react senselessly because they don’t have complete information and it can be annoying. It should be fair to both sides and if someone doesn’t want something, we should think about it and respect it even if we dont like it.

Well, I will attend Mark Knopfler’s show in Lisbon next week and I intend to take pictures. To my knowledge, Mark has a less restricted vision of these things and leaves the decision to the promoters of the shows. It’s a remembering of the show, of something I treasure in my life and want to remember. It’s a public event in a public place.
Yes, some try to make money out of it and its not easy to decide what to dom but public and fans alike may also decide to leave them, artists, fall into oblivion…

Shades of Keith Jarrett who, after getting angry about people coughing during his performances, resorted to passing out cough drops. Perhaps Dylan could get some cloaking technology from DARPA.

Big concerts may be just another day at the office for musicians, but for fans are big events.
All of us, even musicians, take photos of our great occasions.

Most people at concerts are there to tell everybody they were there, and to drink. They do not listen to the music.
Dylan is right!
People at concerts are assholes!

I am a frequent concert goer and photographer and it’s annoyingly to have someone with a cell phone photographing the concert and posting it on social media during the show. Your photos will be terrible and who cares that you are at the concert. Put the phone down, live in the moment and enjoy the music

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