Canon and Nikon Lens Price Hikes on the Way


We’ve brought you a lot of news about product shortages.

black and brown dslr camera lens
Photo by Dhilip Antony

And we’ve also sprinkled more than a few tales or rumors of price increases here and there.

Because, frankly, that’s where the market is right now; where we once had new gear to talk about, now we have a lack of gear and expensive stuff remaining on our list of concerns. Don’t worry, everything should get better by the end of 2022.

But, then again, that’s what they said last year about this year. Now, here we are facing price hikes, shortages, and even a flagship camera from Nikon shipping months after its debut.

Tech Radar is citing reports from the ever-reliable Nikon Rumors and Canon Rumors that point to a general price increase for Z and F-mount lenses and RF and EF lenses respectively. So far, nothing is official from Nikon, but the report indicates an official rollout of the new prices could happen on April 1 though there is evidence of it already at some retailers.

Looking ahead, there is one silver lining to the clouds on the horizon, and that is the potential for supply bottlenecks to ease in the next year. Unfortunately, prices are unlikely to decrease when that happens and any ticks upward are likely to stick around long after all of these COVID-19 issues have gone away.

So, if you’ve been putting off that purchase, you might want to figure out whether or not it could be more expensive in the coming weeks and plan accordingly.

Have you noticed any price increases in your camera equipment? Let us know what you think is coming down the road in terms of Canon and Nikon lens prices in the comments below.

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