Canon EOS R Mount Gets a New Lens Option with Irix Compatibility Announcement


They say options are both the boon of our era and the bane of our modern existence. Too many options apparently can lead to choice paralysis and constant indecision. Of course, this research wasn't done with regard to camera lenses.

When it comes to lenses and compatibility options, most of us can’t get enough – especially considering how expensive some can be.

Canon EOS R fans are getting another option when it comes to lens mounts.

Image from Irix Lens website blog.

Irix just announced that their lenses will be compatible with the Canon EOS R system via the Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R accessory. You can currently pick an adapter up for about $USD 199 on B&H.

PhotoRumors reported an announcement from Irix that read in part: “We would like to announce and confirm that there are no issues with Irix lenses, as regards their general operation for the Canon EF mount in their current line-up when used on the Canon EOS R camera, and as released by the Canon Corporation via their Canon EOS R Adapter (Canon EF to Canon EOS R mount).” You can check out their blog post here on the Irix website.

According to a blog post on their website, the compatible lenses from Irix will include the Irix 11mm f/4, Irix 15mm f/2.4, and the Irix 150mm f/2.8 1:1 Macro.

Irix lenses come out of South Korea with engineering in Korea and design from Europe. Popular compatible model lines include the Canon EF , Nikon F and Pentax K. The expansion of their product line to include the EOS R not only benefits current owners of Irix lenses and Canon EOS R cameras but also the company itself as it expands its potential customer base.

Do you use Irix lenses? Tell us about your experiences with them in the comments.

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I own both lenses, the Irix 11mm and the 15mm, and the EOS R.
They both work fantastic together with the EOS R and the best feature of the R is the focus peaking option, you can activate for manual focus.
In this case it is automatically on, when you switch to one of the Irix lenses.
See my last three blogpost, that where shot with the 15mm and the 11mm. You will see it…

I am looking for some suggestions on Irix 15mm with EOS R. I have heard that, the infinity focus is not that compatible with EOS R. I am going to use 15mm secifically for astrophotography, Kindlt let me know if I can buy 15mm Irix for Astro with EOS R.

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