Canon is King of DSLR and Mirrorless Sales in Japan for 2018


Canon reigns supreme in both DSLR and mirrorless camera sales in Japan for 2018.

And the results are somewhat staggering to behold.

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In DSLRs, Canon enjoys a 57.4% market share in Japan according to PetaPixel. The King is then followed by Nikon and Ricoh which hold 39.3% and 3.1% of the DSLR market.

For those of us that are not mathematically inclined, this means that a little more than every 2 out of 4 DSLR cameras sold in Japan come from Canon. As PetaPixel points out, combined Canon and Nikon completely dominate the DSLR market in Japan for 2018.

These numbers were tallied for the BCN Award which went to Canon for its dominance in both markets. As impressive as those numbers are, Canon’s DSLR market share is down somewhat from its 2017 number which exceeded 60%. Still, Canon isn’t hurting when it comes to selling DSLRs in Japan.

In the realm of the mirrorless camera Canon’s dominance was less impressive. Coming in at 31.6%, Canon is followed by Olympus and Sony at 23.5% and 22.7% according to numbers cited by PetaPixel. These numbers include all sensor sizes in the mirrorless segment.

Full-frame mirrorless cameras are a different story for Canon as it lags behind segment leader Sony but not for lack of trying. The market reacted well to the EOS R, disrupting Sony’s stranglehold on the segment somewhat.

In the fixed camera segment Canon fell to second place as Nikon takes 31.5% of that market.

Canon News has an interesting take on it all, writing: “All is not rosy when it comes to Canon, however, as a surprise happened in the compact camera market, where Nikon leapfrogged Canon to take the #1 spot for the first time since BCN started giving out awards for the calendar year of 2005. Even though both gained marketshare this last year, Nikon gained the most, with approximately 6% gain.”

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