Canon Launches New Digital Photo Express for iOS Devices


The best price of all is free and Canon’s new Digital Photo Express for Apple’s iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets, is not only the right combination of price and features but also gives Canon users some powerful on-the-go functionalities.

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And what easier way to get users to change up their workflows than to give away some powerful productivity software.

One of the biggest features Canon is touting is Digital Photo Express’s ability to process RAW while you’re out in the field. Working together with Canon’s Camera Connect app, Digital Photo Express brings the powerful RAW processing capabilities of Canon’s Digital Photo Professional to your iOS device by “streamlin[ing] the processing of JPEGs and .CR3 RAW files with an intuitive and powerful interface” according to Canon Rumors. You can view and adjust images right then and there as well as save them to a computer, device, or upload them to the cloud.

The Camera Connect app allows for wireless connection of your camera to your iOS device. This give users the ability to do everything from operate the camera remotely, change settings, and upload photos. One big feature that Digital Photo Express offers that is pretty cool is multiple editing histories for images. Overall the app really delivers some powerful functionality in a free package.

Since the Digital Photo Express app is designed for iOS devices from the ground up it will take advantage of touch controls and the other accoutrements typical to Apple’s family of products that use that operating system. This results in what Canon hopes is an easy to user interface as well as one that is not that difficult to understand.

You should be able to download the new Digital Photo Express app from Canon by going to Apple’s App Store.

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