This is The Medium Format Dilemma

I face a dilemma and I suspect I am not alone. In the recent past I have waxed lyrical about my Fujifilm X series cameras. Most recently I wrote about how the Fujifilm X-T4 was the perfect camera for me. At the time that was written, it was indeed perfect for my needs as a […]

4 Ways To Breathe New Life Into An Old Camera

“New cameras are coming.” “Exciting new camera announcements.” “New camera launching soon.” Do you feel like you’re drowning in headlines like these? Every camera maker uses them every time they have a new camera to sell (which seems to happen with startling frequency). These are the headlines that greet you at your favorite photo gear […]

The 5 Most Versatile Lens Upgrades

Are lens upgrades something you should consider? Most of you will have heard of the term kit lens. It’s a slightly derogatory term for the lens that is sold as part of a camera package. Its raison d’etre is to provide newcomers with a basic lens to shoot with when they buy their first camera.  […]