A Review of The Sandmarc Tripod Pro

We love a bit of smartphone photography here at Light Stalking. Indeed, I and others here have written a fair bit about the freedom of shooting with a smartphone. One of the other topics I have written extensively about is my love/hate relationship with tripods. I love the low-light images that you can get from […]

7 Tutorials On How To Clean Your Photography Gear

Photography gear and accessories are quite expensive and delicate equipments that it requires periodic checkups and maintenance to keep them in good condition. These equipment need to be patiently taken care of and carefully handled so you know they are working properly any time you want to use them for photography. Being lazy can be expensive, so here are 7 tutorials on how to keep your photography gear in great condition.

This is The Medium Format Dilemma

I face a dilemma and I suspect I am not alone. In the recent past I have waxed lyrical about my Fujifilm X series cameras. Most recently I wrote about how the Fujifilm X-T4 was the perfect camera for me. At the time that was written, it was indeed perfect for my needs as a […]