The Infuriating Search For The Perfect Tripod

Not long ago I wrote an article about re-invigorating my photography with a project. In it I wrote about shooting with freedom, unburdened by such things as tripods. Of course that’s fine if you are shooting freestyle in good light. However, often you might want a more considered approach, you might want to shoot in […]

A History Of Flash In Photography

Besides affordability, the invention of flash in photography has brought about a huge difference in how photography can be done. Bringing our focus to just artificial lighting in those days, many different types of flash were used with both positive and negative outcomes that have led to the invention of convenient and safe electronic flashes that we use today.
In this article, we will have a brief look at the history of flash in photography.

The Gear I’m Shooting With In 2021

Photographic technology is advancing at an incredible pace, there is no doubt. However, as any professional photographer will tell you, you don’t buy into that new technology unless it’s really going to increase your revenue.  As a hybrid stock photographer and videographer, I need equipment that suits both the still and moving mediums. That means […]