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is a professional photographer and author. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

How Planning Can Improve Your B&W Photography

Here is something that you may, or may not, think about in your photography. I think about it constantly, when I’m creating photographs, and there is a valid reason why. For thirty years, I was a professional commercial photographer. It was different being a commercial photographer, (from what most of you will likely experience), because […]

The Most Important Steps In Digital Photography

This is a fact that you may, or may not, be aware of- At this point in time, a digital photograph “REQUIRES” a number of Fundamental Editing Steps to become the gorgeous photograph that you intended it to be. The Fundamental Editing List, discussed in this article, includes the most important steps in digital photography. […]

Why Rhythm Makes This Photo Rock!

Photograph by Kent DuFault The Photograph (Above), Titled “Honey Champs”, Has Been Highly Regarded Wherever I’ve Shared It Online or in Photography Competitions. I believe that the reason for this is the use of rhythm in the composition. You might say to yourself, “Yeah! Self! There is obviously repetition here, and that’s what everyone likes…” […]

How to Get Great Portraits With Minimal Equipment

What does it really take to create a great portrait? Do you need multiple lights, a dozen reflectors, several backgrounds, six soft boxes, three umbrellas, a makeup artist, a costume designer, and a wind machine? No. Well… maybe if you’re shooting Angelina Jolie for Elle Magazine. But the truth is- YOU- can create compelling portraiture […]